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Three new “get a mac” ads aimed at Windows 7

Apple has released 3 new “Get a Mac” ads on the same day as the release of Microsoft Windows 7. Windows 7 should fix many issues that happened with Microsoft’s previous operating system, Windows Vista. The first ad “Broken Promises” shows PC promising that this OS will be better than the previous one and flashes back to previous Windows generations ...

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Get a Mac ad “Trainer”

Apple released a third new “Get a Mac” ad. This one features guest actor Robert Loggia. The ads are also available on Apple’s site. Trainer

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Two new Get a Mac ads

Close to the release of Snow Leopard, Apple has released two new “Get a Mac” ads. The first ad “Top of the Line” features Patrick Warburton as a top of the line PC. The second ad “Surprise” shows a woman wanting to buy a computer and Mac is recommending something strange.

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Three new get a mac ads

Apple released three new get a mac ads. The ads are a response to Microsoft “Laptop Hunters” series of ads. You can watch the ads on Apple’s website or the following embedded YouTube videos.

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New Get a Mac Ads

Apple posted two new Get a Mac ads. “In Bean Counter, PC is sitting at a desk, counting money out into two stacks. The largest stack is for advertising and the smaller stack is for bug fixes for Vista. When Mac questions him, he says that he’s having to take drastic action because of the frustration of Vista users. In ...

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