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Do You Get Your Daily Dose of SPAM?

Almost everyone gets their daily dose of Spam. We get it in our emails, we get it on our blogs, and we get it on our cellphones in the form of SMS messages. But I think this is the first time I get spam from PushMe.to. So if you’re the person who sent me this message, please stop. It’s not ...

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Trillian IM client being ported to OS X – alpha testing

While it’s pretty hard to imagine why they’d bother, Cerulean Studios is porting Trillian, their wildly successful Windows multi-IM client, to OS X. How will Trillian (a commercial product) compete against Adium (a free product), particularly considering that Adium is a number of years ahead of Trillian on the Mac, and is by all accounts a very strong multi-IM implementation?

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