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Winners of Apple’s Awards for best Mac, iPhone, iPad Apps

Apple has announced the winners for this year’s Apple Design Awards during WWDC 2011. The awards “recognize outstanding achievement and excellence in iPhone, iPad, and Mac app design. Each year, winning products set new standards for the developer community to follow. Read about what made this year’s winners stand out above the rest.” Apple Design Awards for 2010 did not ...

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SaudiMac Team’s Best of 2010 List: Khaled Abdulrhman

Another year, another set of favorite apps to choose from. I noticed a lot of my favorite 2009 apps managed to survive another year while others were replaced. This is a list of my favorite iOS Apps, mainly concentrating on iPhone apps and some iPad apps. Waiel couldn’t make his list but he told me that his favorite app is ...

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SaudiMac Team’s Best of 2010 List: Dr. Mahmoud Al-Johani

It has been a wonderful year, iPad, New iPhone and more wonderful apps covering a wide range of life aspects. Some apps I love using them that make my life easier while others proudly made it into my trash!. It is important to know that when selecting an app that you are going to depend on whether in work or ...

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SaudiMac Team’s Best of 2010 List: Mazen Al-Angary

I have been wanting to write a list of my favorite apps on both the iPhone and iPad, plus I have been asked so many times about my favorite applications on iOS devices. So I thought that the best time would be before the end of the year, since some of those app might be on sale, making it a ...

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Mazen’s Fitness & Health App List

A friend of mine asked me about health & fitness apps I use on my iPhone, and since I am going to get a new iPod touch, I thought I share the list of those apps with all of you. Sure, there are some apps I like and use when I go to the gym. Some of them are for ...

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30 Travel apps (mostly free)

A list of 30 iPhone/iPod touch apps that are useful for travelers. “Vacations can be quite complicated. Finding flights, booking hotels, procuring transportation, scouting tourist locations, and grabbing a quick bite to eat are just some of the daily tasks you’ll have to juggle. Fortunately, your iPhone makes the perfect travel companion and can make all of these tasks a ...

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