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Apple Battery Update for Intel-based Macbooks

Apple released Battery Update 1.2. It promises to improve performance and functionality of Macbooks’ batteries. After Battery Update has been installed, each battery you insert into your MacBook or MacBook Pro will be updated automatically. Also last week, Apple released an important security update. Run Software Updater as soon as possible. [Via TUAW].

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Apple Stores watch: “Apple” and “iTechia”

This is a new feature of the site, where I will discover new places to buy Macs, iPods and (maybe after a long time) iPhones! First is this under-construction store simply named “Apple Riyadh” pictured on the right. Its located on tahliah street. You can find it on Google maps. Another store is iTechia. Also on tahliah street. I bought ...

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Apple releases Final Cut Studio 2 and Final Cut Server

Apple announced at NAB 2007 the new edition of Final Cut Studio 2. With a new addition, Color. And the server based Final Cut Server.

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Gitex Riyadh 2007 impressions: Don’t bother

Here I am thinking a showroom thats smaller than a single hall of Gitex Dubai will be any good after 5 years. I was wrong. The expo was a waste of my time, its 45% Saudi Telecom, 45% Mobily, just 2 competing telecom companies with many small computer/technology stands. No Apple? Apple just wasted a huge opportunity by not participating. ...

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Gitex Riyadh 2007 Starts Now!

I will be posting any Apple related updates as I find them. Hopefully this year we will see a stronger Apple presence.

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Gitex Riyadh 2007!

Today Gitex Riyadh 2007 will begin and it will be for 5 days. The last 5 were very disappointing, I hope this year it won’t be as bad … See if you can register on the … err … site … same old site, no real info. Registration will probably be messy. Edit: Oh yeah, I am Khaled, nice to ...

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