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SaudiMac started October 2006 as a blogspot blog with the aim of starting a Saudi Arabia Mac User Group (MUG).

Me (Khaled) and Waiel are Mac lovers for a few years now. We decided to open this site to increase the knowledge about mac and Apple product in Saudi Arabia and help who ever want to get in the Mac world.

We are starting a community group that will provide seminars and conferences about the Mac Products. Everything is under planning now.

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    1. I really I appreciate what you’ve done here, But “this site is opened to increase the knowledge… in Saudi Arabia and… !”
      and the main language in KSA is the Arabic !
      So, ( in my opinion ) you made a mistake by using English as the main language in this site ;p .
      Whatever, the main reason to being here is that I’m about buy my first macbook but it is used one. So, I was wondering if you have any advice to me in checking the laptop.

      Rayan Alhazmi

      • @untouchable : the Arabic version of the site will be lunched soon.
        we are doing the final touches and modification.
        As for your Question: For used laptop you don’t have to worry from software side all you have to check is the hardware it self. ( not sure what module you going to buy ) but make sure that everything is working and there is no surface damage to the laptop case . if there is any it might caused internal defects to the system that you might not spot unless you open it.
        if you can take the laptop to check it at the store ( itechia ) they can check it for you and let you know if there is something wrong with it on the spot

    2. Waiel, Thank you for replying.

      The macbook I’m going to buy is the new aluminum macbook 2.0 GHz. unfortunately there is no itechia store in Jeddah, But of course I’m going to check the hardware but hmmm the laptop was bought from Landon with national warranty and I don’t know if there is an apple reseller in Jeddah? and if they would accept this warranty !

    3. check your warranty information at
      enter the serial number of your device

      as for country go to the end of the list and choose “show complete country list” then choose “united arab emirates” and tell me what you got.

    4. The main language may be Arabic but there are many many of us Expat workers here and we are More often than not the Mac-using community. I think there should be BOTH of course, but I prefer English (not smart enough to learn anything else) Oh well, off to the Apple store to pick up a copy of Final Cut.

      2007 Macbook 2GHZ intel core Duo Processor
      4GB SDRAM

    5. Guys, I need help :S

      I just picked up an STC sim card and USB dongle for internet and can’t figure out how to set it up on my macbook. Have been to both the STC shop and the iStore on pregnant street for assistance and neither could / would help. Any direction would be appreciated…

    6. @mmakowy

      I’m not sure about the STC USB dongle .. but if it’s from Huawei could you provide us the Module number so we can get you the driver from Huawei site.
      You can search for it at http://www.huawei.com/mobileweb/en/view.do?id=462

    7. Thanks for the help – cant find the file on the website tho :S My model is the Huawei E220…

    8. Hey, nice to find Mac users in Saudi, i’m an expat, hopefullly that shouldnt be a problem..

      I had a question, .. anyone enrolled in iphone developer program?

      • @Raheel the iPhone development enrollment process took me 1 month to finish after sending a fax to them. I did not get to create any apps though.

    9. cool atlast ppl from KSA blogin about MACs

      I’m in , , now imma buy me a macbook

      ps. wana know is there a place to buy used macbookz

    10. Salam Guys,

      Wondering if you are interested in a link exchange between our blogs?


    11. Going back to untouchable’s comments from 28th Jan 2009, I’ve just found this site, and was quite excited to come across it. I’ve been using Macs for several years now, currently have an older G4 Powerbook. Anyway, the point is that there are several Mac dealers in Jeddah. THere is an offical Apple Store on Madinah Road, Virgin Store on Thalia St also deal in MAcs, and there are two shops , one in Red Sea Mall ( basement level ) and one in Mall of Arabia ( upper floor ) who both sell just Macs. And I also agree – there are many of us who sadly can’t red or wrtie Arabic, so it would be great to have a dual version of this site.

      Anybody got any up to date info on the yet to be announced iPhone 2009?

      • Labeeb, welcome!

        Everyone is estimating a July 2009 release with a June announcement in WWDC 2009. The question is how soon until mobily get the iPhone to Saudi Arabia.

    12. Sir what is the way to add a guest post at Saudi Mac?

    13. Sir what is the way to add a guest post at Saudi Mac?

    14. I don’t know why I cannot post a comment here. It is giving me error

    15. Just one question . . . a relative of mine is going to “Hajj” in a few days. He’ll be in Mekkah and Medina most of the time. Are there any possibilities to get an “IPAD 2” in one the two cities for good price? (16gb + wifi + 3g ~ 2600 up to 2800 SR).
      For now I found three shops in Medina (iCorner, i-weaver and EXTRA).
      It would be nice if someone sends me some other shops.

      PS.: My relative will not be able to enter the restricted zone . . . 

    16. assalamu alaikum – i am traveling to saudi for hajj tomorrow, coming from the US. i have tried calling my travel agent about this and asking others, and thought, since you have this website.. you might be able to help me. 🙂 will my iphone from the US work in saudi while i am there for hajj? if not, is it possible for me to get an iphone just for the time i am in saudi? i am more interested in being able to do face time with my 3 year old daughter i am not bringing with me.. what would you suggest for my trip? jazakallah in advance for your help. 😉 muna

    17. Mohamed Mansoor Al Arabi

      am in guyzzzz

    18. Hello,

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    19. Hi Team,

      We’ve just launched Paper Snow 2 to iPhone/iPad Store and believe that it stands out, because it’s original, fun, and beautifully designed.

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      It’s a sweet app that is great for all ages.

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      Please let me know if you have any questions.


    20. hey…my macbook air formated by any newbi, i visited so many places like extra (dammam where i purchase) but not got any solution. so where i go for tecnical help in dammam-ksa…plz help

    21. Hello

      I am writing to tell you about our new website (www.supasounds.net), the world’s first sound service aimed specifically at mobile app developers. Developers can choose from hundreds of royalty free “30 second sound loops”, music that covers a diverse range of genres and game types. With our simple pricing model and supporter mentality, we cater to the needs of independent app developers in particular. For developers, finding the right sound for their apps can be a problem. Budget conscious developers without a musical background are often at a loss how to tackle the “sound issue”. This was the major motivation for starting our new service.

      All of our tracks can be previewed on the site and can be browsed by either music genre or game type. This gives developers who are not well versed in music a convenient way of finding the right sounds for their app. We also offer a personalized recommendation service for developers looking for custom suggestions from the library or tailor made music for their app. Developers can opt to join the SupaSounds partner program where they will receive tracks of their choice and promotional support in exchange for including the SupaSounds logo in their app. I think our new service would be of interest to your readers and would be glad to answer any questions you may have.

      Kind regards,

    22. Hi friends
      I need a macbook pro recent piece and in good condition slightly used and lowest price.

      Please contact me on my email id.


    23. may be you can hide previous comment ?

    24. Can someone help me if there is a software to recover deleted photos from my iphone4 which was not backed up . I did reset on my IP and it said no data will be erased but I have lost all my sms and photos. My IP is jailbroken. Please help.

    25. Can someone help me if there is a software to recover deleted photos from my iphone4 which was not backed up . I did reset on my IPhone and it said no data will be erased but I have lost all my sms and photos. My IP is jailbroken. Please help.

    26. I am considering getting the apple tv box to watch shows and movies. I live in Jeddah. Can someone help direct me to a helpful outlet who can answer my questions on the system before purchase. Thanks.

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