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iPhone 5 (and iPad 4, iPad mini) Will Support Zain 4G LTE in Saudi Arabia

With the most recent beta for iOS 6.1 Apple has enabled 4G LTE in the iPhone 5 for more carriers including Zain Saudi and UAE’s Du.

After installing iOS 6.1 beta 2 Enable LTE will appear in Settings General Cellular if you’re using a SIM card with a supported 4G LTE network (Zain uses 1800Mhz).

I managed to test Zain Speed 4G on my UK iPhone 5 with no issues other than coverage.

Zain’s 4G LTE band is supported on most global iPhone 5 units (model number A1429) as well as iPad 4 model A1460 and iPad mini model A1455.

STC and Mobily’s 4G LTE currently do not support iPhone 5 LTE. We have to wait until these companies change their network to support the iPhone and other devices.

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  • thedude

    any news on when it’ll reach saudi telecomm companies ??

  • Muhammad Imran

    Did you use a Nano Sim cutter to cut the Zain 4G SIM to fit your iPhone5 ?

  • Mohammed

    i wonder when iphone 5 and ipad mini will be available in our telecome companies ?

    And thank you so much for proving that for us

  • Paul Caracas

    It is good to see saudimac website back to business. I dont know if its just me but it wasnt working up ’til now :)

  • Zohair

    I will be getting my iPhone 5 in a couple of weeks from Australia, it’s already factory unlocked. But I will be getting a Zain Sim for it’s 4G, so my question is how much did you pay for the 4G sim and could you use it as a Pre Paid, or you have to get a Plan.
    Pls reply soon as possible

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