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Apple Announces New iPad: Retina Display, 4G LTE and more

The event of Apple, which awaited many Apple die hard fans has now come to end. Apples event was of 1 hour and 23 minutes. Focusing towards hardware, Apple today revealed the new iPad ‘The New iPad’, yeah I know Apples gone mad and the refreshed Apple TV which will support 1080p video. On the other hand Apple has revealed many new innovating, there own applications for the new iPad’s retina display fun such as iWord, iPhoto and more. Of course as we know that Adobe released Photoshop for iPad last week, Apple had to do something innovating.

The new iPad is the start of a new revolutionary tablet system but still lacks design and more. The new iPad supports the 4G LTE feature, it has the new 2048 x 1536 resolution Retina display, Voice dictation, A5X dual core chip, A5X GPU and the iSight. Lets follow all the features one by one

4G LTE: The new iPad will have a speed of  72 mega bytes per second for downloading, leaving up all the other tablet experience.

Retina Display: The innovating retina display which no other one did, it has  2048-by-1536 resolution which means an increase of 44 percent from the normal display to retina.

Voice Dictation: Not Siri, but yet you can use the new voice dictation to write up what you are saying.

A5X Chip: This chip is magnificent, a dual chore processor plus a boost to the graphics up to three times.

iSight: The all new camera, camera name. It has the 5 mega pixel sensor, with 5 deeply integrated lens.

The new iPad in the United States will be available from March 16th, though the pre ordering has started. The prices are

WiFi Model

  • 16GB: $499 = SR 1872
  • 32GB: $599 = SR 2246
  • 64GB: $699 = SR 2621

WiFi + 4G Model

  • 16GB: $629 = SR 2358
  • 32GB: $729 = SR 2733
  • 64GB: $829 = SR 3108

Apple TV (2012 Model)

Well the new Apple TV will be available from March 16th at the same old price and will support 1080p video.

On the other hand Apple revealed there own applications for the retina crunchy iPad. The GCC of course will get the fun of the new iPad a bit late but Apple has claimed that this time it will be there fastest roll-out ever, so stay tuned.

Image Courtesy: Engadget


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