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Mobily to have a Midnight iPhone 4S Launch, too

Not to be outdone by STC’s midnight launch, Mobily is planning a midnight launch of the iPhone 4S in Saudi Arabia as well. Mobily will sell the iPhone 4S starting tonight at 12:00am (December 16) until 2:00 am. This will be the first “second” time we have a “midnight launch” in Saudi Arabia so if you’re attending make sure to ...

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STC to have a Midnight iPhone 4S Launch

Saudi Telecom Company has announced that the iPhone 4S will be available today at midnight (12:00 am Friday December 16) in select showrooms in the kingdom. More branches will have the iPhone 4S after 4 pm on Friday. This will be the first time we have a “midnight launch” in Saudi Arabia so if you’re attending make sure to take ...

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Apple iOS Devices Winning Big in Saudi Arabia

Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are huge in the Middle East and North Africa, where they account for 55 percent of mobile Internet traffic, according to a new survey by Dubai-based Effective Measure. In Saudi Arabia, for instance, 64.5 percent of mobile Internet traffic occurred on Apple devices, with the iPhone accounting for 34.3 percent. Effective Measure’s measured audience ...

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Official Saudi iPhone 4S Prices from Mobily, STC

Update on 1 April: STC has reduced their iPhone 4S prices. Mobily and STC has finally unveiled the official iPhone 4S prices and plans. The iPhone 4S will officially launch in Saudi Arabia on Friday December 16th. However we noticed an increase in the prices from the iPhone 4. STC iPhone 4S Prices The prepaid iPhone 4S from STC costs ...

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VIVA Kuwait to Launch iPhone 4S on December 16

VIVA Telecom in Kuwait has announced on Twitter that they will officially start selling the iPhone 4S in Kuwait on Friday December 16th. The iPhone 4S will be available in a number of countries including Saudi Arabia on December 16th. You can find the author of this post on twitter: @khaled. Arabic version of this post on SaudiMac Arabic Edition. ...

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STC, Mobily: iPhone 4S Official Saudi Launch on Dec 16

Both Saudi Telecom Company and Mobily has announced today that they will launch the iPhone 4S in Saudi Arabia officially on December 16th. Prices and other details (FaceTime, iMessage support) were not announced. But we expect more details to be announced soon. The iPhone 4S will also be launched in the following countries on December 16th: South Africa, Philippines, Malaysia ...

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