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iOS 5 is Now Available

Apple has released iOS 5 for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV. iOS 5 brings many improvements such as better notifications, iCloud support and many more.

To install iOS 5 you will need to have iTunes 10.5. It is also recommended to have an iCloud account, you can create one or convert your current MobileMe account by visiting iCloud.com.

Apple has also updated iWork for iOS Apps, iPhoto 9.2 and OS X 10.7.2 to support iCloud. Safari 5.1.1 and Security Update 2011-006 was also released by the company as well.

iOS 5 download links (via MacStories):

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  1. was waiting for this, but still i have to wait,can anyone tell me does facetime is working in ios5.0, coz now in my 4.3.5 with mobily sim my facetime is working, please update here if its working,thank you

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  3. I’ve installed iOS5 on my 3G iPod touch and iCloud works flawlessly with my mac.
    But I couldn’t use iMessage because saudi arabia was not listed with countries. So, I think iMessage will not be available here like FaceTime. or am I wrong?

  4. Interesting post!! I really like this site, and hope you will write more, thanks for your information.

  5. iMessage works fine in KSA

  6. I updated my iPhone 4 last Thursday when it has been released and got on an Apple Server traffic jam, anyways it update fine.
    1. iMessage works fine.
    2. Still NO FACETIME.
    3. iCloud is as magical as promised!
    4. Safari is fair fast on 3G.
    5. Twitter integration is great!

  7. since i updated to iOS5, strange time to time deduction of 25 halalas from my prepaid fund? Why? How to solve this?

    • Mangyan Sa Jeddah

      Juls, you’ve been charged for the used of data on your iPhone.
      1. Say from time to time? hhmm review all your apps, might be some of them is using your connection even in the background, unless you closed it (double press home button> close app).
      2. If you have your email account on your iPhone, then you’re account is pushing data on your device, and when it pushes data it requires internet connection, that is where the deduction came from.. to avoid this try to set fetching of data to “Manually”.
      3. If you don’t want to use 3G connection for internet connection, turn off the Cellular Data of your device (Setting > General > Network), with this “NO DEDUCTION – NO 3G INTERNET”…you can use the WiFi though.

  8. Hi Manyan, thanks for the reply.  I know what you mean.  I have 1G data network package monthly and presently i consumed only 150MB, so still have big data balance on my account.

    It’s very strange, I also switched-off the Messages settings in iMessage the “Send As SMS”.  But still a 25 halalas was deducted from time to time.  My prepaid load went zero because of that, i will not reload and observe what will happen next. I tried also hard start my iPhone 3Gs.

    I will 

    • you’re welcome. maybe you have to talk with your mobile carrier on what are these deductions for? yeah it’s kind of a weird thing, have you had this “deductions” before you updated to iOS5?

  9. no i don’t have deductions before switching to iOS5, i updated last night and i notice right after completing those wizard options, like setting up icloud, etc. etc. suddenly 2x 25 halalas deducted to my account although i’m on wifi network.  i thought that i finished up my data network package but still 10% used only.  then a friend iMessaged me and before reading the message i see another 25 halalas deducted…. until it finished all my 6 riyals balance :D  

  10. Hi Everyone.

    I updated my IPhone 4G to ios 5 but can’t see/use iMessage. Some people here reported they can use it in KSA, i am wondering why the conflict? Is it possible that when installing iOS 5 they specified a country other than KSA? Also any news about a jailbreak?


  11. Mangyan Sa Jeddah

    Fahd, hi. Yeah that is kinda wierd. I’m using an iPhone4 with postpaid line on Mobily and so far the iMessages is working fine…actually as I’m replying to you now I’m receiving some iMessages from Macau and the wierd this is: IM ON 3G! iMessage works on both 3G and Wifi? I have to check on that. By default, after installing iOS5, iMessage is already activated on my iPhone, so I guess it’s not the regional settings of the phone. Or maybe it’s your Apple ID. I’m using a US Apple ID though.
    And with the registering your phone other than KSA, I guess you can do that, but you cannot escape the model number of your phone on where you bought it (in middle east – *****AE). Settings>General>About.
    Jailbreak for iOS5…yeah I guess it’s already available.

  12. iMessage is on the message setting.It will work if you are connected to wifi or using data connection. I am on postpaid plan on MOBILY but when I use iMessage it charge me 1SAR per message, so I rather turn it off since I have a sms package on my plan but it is weird that according to apple it is free. I am using wifi connection when I tested the thing. Any one notice this MOBILY or STC users?

  13. So is it me or is the new iOS 5 making the iPhone 4g unstable.. I have had calls dropped .. Messages fail delivery and phone hangs! Am i the only one?

  14. @salman,

    I won’t jailbreak my phone until there is a permenant jailbreak. The one that’s out now is only functional while the phone is running. If you power off or reboot it you will have to jailbreak it again!

  15. ios 4.3.5 my facetime was working fine and i was hesitant to upgrade to ios 5 because of this,but yesterday i upgraded the software to IOS 5 and great it still working, my facetime is working, and i cloud is very cool. thx apple

  16. Mohamed Mansoor Al Arabi

    Ya Khaled, i have been trying to install ios 5 to my iphone 4 since one month, but everytime i download at the end i get a message your network setting is not correct or active , kindly change your netwrok setting or try again… please brotha help me to fix this up….

  17. is their still store here in riyadh that sells iphone4?

  18. so excited i got this but i have probe with the iMessage. why??

  19. i bought iphone4 and i cannot due to due no power. I went to several technician and they said that, the problem is motherboard. where can i buy here in riyadh, saudi arabia. i hope somebody can help me. i used my phone for 2months only since I use it. Thanks for the reply.

  20. hi guys i am from pakistan i have iphone 3gs i updated my iphone 3gs to ios5.1.1 my imessage is not working imessage cant delivered any messages to other ios 5.1.1 phones please help me


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