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First iPhone 4S Advert Showcases Siri

Apple has released a new TV ad for the iPhone 4S demonstrating Siri, Apple’s voice commands service.


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  1. Good Day, I would like to talk to Mr.Khaled. I have sent couple emails but no response. We would like at saletab.com to offer a spacial discount for SaudiMac users on all our Apple Store items. please read more about us as we just been featured in Arab newspaper lately http://arabnews.com/lifestyle/science_technology/article520334.ece?comments=all


  2. assalamu alaikum – i am traveling to saudi for hajj tomorrow, coming from the US. i have tried calling my travel agent about this and asking others, and thought, since you have this website.. you might be able to help me. 🙂 will my iphone from the US work in saudi while i am there for hajj? if not, is it possible for me to get an iphone just for the time i am in saudi? i am more interested in being able to do face time with my 3 year old daughter i am not bringing with me.. what would you suggest for my trip? jazakallah in advance for your help. 😉 muna

  3. Dear Mrs. Muna,
    Hajj comer from the US, will enjoy the Roaming service provided by Saudi Telecom Co. (STC) so you can “face time” on ios iPhones, or “Tango” on android phones (which is also capable to communicate face time platforms) so weather you get an iphone or any android phone will do, but if you can tell me what Network you are using in the states….. I can support with which network in saudi arabia can roam or work with yours harmonically.
    Wish you bless for me in hajj incha’a allah.

    • thank you for your help. i was able to bring an iphone to use in saudi. it needed to be unlocked to use in the kingdom, but it worked… and anywhere there was wifi i was able to use that and facetime… jazakallah khairan for your help!


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