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Apple Releases iOS 4.3.4 Update

Apple on Friday released iOS 4.3.4 security update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The update fixes a security vulnerability associated with viewing malicious PDF files. That vulnerability was used with JailbreakMe.com one click jailbreak. More information about the security content of this update is available on Apple’s website: About the security content of iOS 4.3.4 Software Update.

If you already jailbroken your iOS device using JailbreakMe.com and want to keep the jailbreak then do not install this update. If you’re not interested in jailbreak then make sure that you install this important security update.

To install the update: plug your iDevice to iTunes and click Check for Updates. iOS 4.3.4 is available for the following devices:

• iPhone 4
• iPhone 3GS
• iPad 1
• iPad 2
• iPod touch (4th generation)
• iPod touch (3rd generation)

Apple has also released iOS 4.2.9 for Verizon iPhone 4 with CDMA technology.

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  1. I’ve just updated my iphone to 4.3.4 and right away a “no sim card installed” msg pops out.. my phone was working fine before the stupid update, no its not unlocked nor jail-broken.. i bought it from i-weaver a couple of months ago and im using an STC sim card…. wal 7al ya3ni!! :@ someone help me please 🙁


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