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Sales of iPad 2 in Saudi Arabia Starts Today

iPad 2 sales has already started in Saudi Arabia. This first was apparently yesterday before the official date by i.zone in Jeddah sold to Ahmad. Notice the model number ending with AE (Arab Emirates), which indicates the lack of FaceTime of course.

If you bought an iPad 2 today then please share the experience and photos on twitter using:



Extra (@A_BnSultan).

Jarir (@SaudiLawyer)

Extra (@Eyad107)


GlobalStore (@iJihad)

iStyle (@iAZooooZ)

Extra (@snikars101)

iStyle (@iramadah)

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  1. whats the rush…everybody gets an apple…so why fall in line and wait for the opening of the store…

  2. Hi,
    How much did you purchased you iPad 2. I can’t find any stores that sells iPad 2 for the prices listed in Arab computers website. Any suggestion?

  3. Damn!!its good to know people are so eager yo buy good products

  4. I have an iPad2 Black, bought from Apple store, USA, with FACTIME WORKING! and i live in Dammamany one interested in buying, its for SR2750

    contact me on:razaalyraza@gmail.com

  5. I live in Riyadh, I am going to Europe at the end of this month (June), I can bring 3 or 4 Ipad2 if there is people interested, email: nekabil@yahoo.com.


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