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iQuran 3 Holy Qur’an iPhone App Released + Free Version

Holy Qur’an iPhone App iQuran Pro was updated to version 3 today. The new version with a new name: iQuran III added a ton of features to an already feature-rich app. Major changes: Full Arabic localization, multitasking support, Retina display support and many fixes.

iQuran 3 features include:

• Revamped retina user interface
• Multi-tasking enabled. iQuran now efficiently saves and restores your sessions how you left them.
• Qur’an rendered with a whole new Retina Othmani font
• Full app is now 100% landscape enabled. View any view in landscape.
• Super optimized scrolling and landscape switching on all devices
• Optimized loading time for translations using complex scripts (Urdu, Farsi, Bangla, Japanese etc). For example Sura Baqara with Urdu translation now takes ~2sec compared to ~20sec before.
• Many new translations and updated existing translations (around 14 new translations)
• Tap hold on any verse to see many new options including a ‘Quick Translation’ comparison view. In addition to the default translation you can now pick a second translation to view in this ‘Quick View’ heads-up display
• Share verses using Email / SMS / Facebook / Twitter or Copy a verse/translation to paste into any app
• Revamped Bookmarks and Search interface with collapsible Surah sections
• Bookmarks view now includes a Search field to be able to search through bookmarked notes and verses
• Tap and hold verses in Bookmark and Search view for more options
• Translation is now visible in Bookmarks and along with the Arabic text where the user has a translation selected
• Revamped Index view with a new ‘Sections’ view
• Surah Al-Kahf reminders on friday. Switch this ON to be reminder of reading the Surah on every Friday.
• Improved Audio Controls: You can now Pause, FF and RW currently played verse.
• You can now select a ‘group of verses’ to play during playback (to assist those who wish to memorize the Qur’an). You can now choose to begin playback from verse 10 and only play the next 5 verses, for example. You can then choose to repeat this ‘group of verses’ using the existing ‘verse repeat’ controls.
• A new ‘Quranic Supplications’ section under ‘More’
• A new helper section under ‘More’ explaining the usage of particular ‘Stop Signs’ encountered while reciting the Holy Qur’an
• Revamped Surah Info HUD. Tap on the surah name in ‘Surah Reading View’ to see more information about the chapter such as its chronological order or alternative name (where applicable).
• Revamped Bookmark Notes view
• Copy verses along with their translation (tap-and-hold on a verse)
• Floating verse markers in Surah view; you can now see the currently focused verse number at all times
• Automatic verse highlighting when verses are scrolled
• Tons of optimizations and speed-ups; loading all translations (including the previously slow loading translations: urdu, bangla etc)
• Fully localized in Arabic (!)
• Tons of UI improvements

iQuran III is available in the App Store for $6.99.

App Store link

The free version of iQuran is expected to receive the update soon. However I worry that it will meet an unknown fate similar to 2Do Lite and iPray Lite.

Update: The free version iQuran Lite is now available in the App Store.

[Images’ Credit:Bandar Raffah.]

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  1. As Salam aleikoum wa rahmatuLlah,

    Masha Allah that’s a great update, so much features al hamduliLlah.

    The verse sharing looks great, and the Sura Al Kahf reminder on jumua’s is awesome ! 

    I just bought it and I advise my brothers to do the same.

    May Allah guide us to the right path.

    Salam aleikom.

  2. I

    P.O. BOX 149

  3. I love iQuran. I can refer to my iphone anytime and anywhere to recite Al-Quran kareem. Alhamdulillah… Plus, i really happy as iQuran III have Malay translation. Thank you.

  4. assalaamwalaikum wa rahmatoolah wa barakaat

    i want to choose shuraim as reciter, but im not being able to choose him , can someone help me on this, thank you.


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