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TweetBot 1.0.2 Update Improves Performance

My new favorite Twitter app has been updated today. The latest version of TweetBot addresses performance issues and adds a few improvements. Push notifications and landscape modes are coming in a future update.

TweetBot 1.0.2 features are:

• Fixed sluggish feeling in app after days of use
• Support for Posterous Uploading
• Support for Readability
• Fixed issues in the Lists tab
• Moved profile view from Accounts view to a new optional tab
• Added user tweet count in profile view
• Disabled publish button when no text is entered
• Translations now determined by language, not region format
• Retweets now shown in user timeline
• Trends now show hashtags as well
• Double-tapping the timeline and mentions tab button now mark as read (like in DMs)
• Many bug fixes.

TweetBot is available in the App Store for a reduced price of $1.99.

App Store link

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