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Saudi Arabia Tops Middle East iPad 2 Sales on eBay

eBay released a chart of iPad 2 auctions in the first 2 weeks of the availability of the device. Almost 12,000 iPad 2 units were sold in these 2 weeks.

The chart shows how many units were shipped to each country, the following Middle East countries appeared on the list:

• Saudi Arabia 165 units
• United Arab Emirates 147 units
• Qatar 55 units

These are units sold and shipped directly to the buyer. I am sure even more customers used a US based mail forwarding service to order.

Here is the full chart:

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  • Eeman

    Given the population and size of Saudi Arabia, not surprised. However, Dubai is doing pretty well.

  • cyberandz

    Price of iPad 2 in KSA is not promising. Where this reseller is so much greedy to sell the iPad 2 for almost double the price which sells in ebay or any reseller in the US. Have heart to those people is not wrong to get a profit but at least manageable one…Just a piece of cent!!!

  • macphilgene

    i have always been an apple user eversince i first step here in ksa…i am one of the 1st owner of ipad here in ksa…it is still okay for me…one of my filipino friend owns already the ipad2 probably he is one of 165 persons who purchased it in ksa…nothing beats the original ipad…

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