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Minor iPad 1 Price Drop in Saudi Arabia

Arab Computers has finally reduced the prices of the Apple iPad 1 in Saudi Arabia after less than a week of the prices dropping in UAE. This discount is to prepare for the imminent iPad 2 launch in the region.

The prices were dropped by only 300 Saudi Riyals. Contrast with UAE’s 500-600 AED and Apple’s $100 or 100GBP drop.

The new prices for iPad 1 in Saudi Arabia are:

• iPad Wi-Fi 16GB SR 1,699 1,999 – SR 300 off
• iPad Wi-Fi 32GB SR 2,199 3,499 – SR 300 off
• iPad Wi-Fi 64GB SR 2,599 2,899 – SR 300 off

• iPad 3G + Wi-Fi 16GB SR 2,399 2,699 – SR 300 off
• iPad 3G + Wi-Fi 32GB SR 2,799 3,099 – SR 300 off
• iPad 3G + Wi-Fi 64GB SR 3,199 3,499 – SR 300 off

Only 300SR reduction in price compared to UAE’s 500-600 AED. The older UAE prices were more expensive than the Saudi prices but now most of the iPad 1 units cost more in Saudi Arabia than the UAE! Here are the old (and new) iPad 1 prices in UAE:

• iPad Wi-Fi 16GB AED 1,699 2,199 – AED 500 off
• iPad Wi-Fi 32GB AED 2,149 2,649 – AED 500 off
• iPad Wi-Fi 64GB AED 2,599 3,099 – AED 500 off

• iPad 3G + Wi-Fi 16GB AED 2,249 2,799 – AED 550 off
• iPad 3G + Wi-Fi 32GB AED 2,699 3,249 – AED 550 off
• iPad 3G + Wi-Fi 64GB AED 3,099 3,699 – AED 600 off

Apple also refunded the price difference to customers who purchased an iPad 1 in the last 2 weeks. Will we see a similar move in the Saudi Arabia?

Will you buy the iPad 1 now at these prices or will you wait for the iPad 2?

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  1. When will we get the iPad 2 [Saudi Arabia]
    I heard it’s going to be available in 25 countries by the 20th of march
    let’s hope saudi arabia is one of them
    cause i’ve seriously considered pre-ordering from Jarir
    but they said it costs 2500 to do soo & that’s for the basic 16gb WiFi model >.>

  2. wow good chance
    if Jarir said that ipad2 costs 2500 and there is no big difference between ipad1 and 2 it’s better to get ipad1
    now the difference 800 ;O
    i’ll buy ipad1 within a month by God’s willing

    • I am an old iPad1 user and trust me, camera is a big difference. It was highly needed 🙂
      It’s better to wait for iPad2 to reach KSA.

    • camera doesn’t matter for me
      but i decided to wait
      thank you for ur reply

  3. Revisited Jarir today
    & the price reduction was already in place lol ;P

    to my luck, the manager was at the counter
    he said it would take ATLEAST 1month for the iPad 2 to arrive
    & will come with a HEFTY INTRODUCTION PRICE.
    the lowest model will be $300 more than the U.S Price
    putting it at a total of $800 o.O

    I was like no thanks lol
    I’m better off with the iPad 1 in this case
    i don’t think two cameras & abit of speed increase is worth an EXTRA $400 ;|!

  4. I’ll buy iPad2. Not immediate when it lauches, but when the price gets stable. I would prefer Jarir because they will sell facetime enabled iPads from Asian market.

    • I won’t count on that.
      Jarir sells iPods [Touch] with no facetime from the asian market
      so i won’t bid my money high on the iPad 2 😉

      Also don’t expect some super duper camera quality
      NO FaceTime HD like on the Mac.
      Front: VGA
      Rear: 720p

    • Well, I don’t know about iPod as I don’t have one. But the 32GB iPhone4 which I purchased from Jarir at Sr. 3399/- surely is Facetime enabled.

  5. talking about price,, can any one tell me where to buy any 2nd handed macbook laptop here in jeddah saudi arabia??

  6. any one wants to buy ipad 16 gb  wifi version new in it’s box with screen protecter for 100 sr and a case for 120 sr and a bag for free  mail me on my email eminem10_m@hotmail.com the reason i am selling it is because am goin to the us and i wanna buy ipad 2 🙂

  7. i still love my ipad1…its been with me for more than 9 months now…the price is quite hefty around 5k sar when i bought it but i enjoyed it a lot…no one can ever deny that if you have an an apple in your hand, things will be different…and it did for me…i will just wait another year if in case apple would release an ipad 3…better save up more for it…

    • princess muna khan

      hi macphilgene h r u …………………..which one is best i pad 1 or ipad 2 or i pad 3…………….rply must

    • princess khan hello…i’m fine…add me up on skype we can talk more about the details…skype name is meangenesnoopy….i like my ipad1..but of course successors always toppled its predecessesors….no ipad 3 yet…hopefully this year c’,)

    • princess khan hello…i’m fine…add me up on skype we can talk more about the details… meangenesnoopy….i like my ipad1..but of course successors always toppled its predecessesors….no ipad 3 yet…hopefully this year

  8. Can anyone tell me where I can get an iPad 1 for the prices quoted above (or less!) in Jeddah? I mostly plan to use it to test apps I’ll develop myself, and the type of apps I plan to write initially are not likely to leverage any of the iPad 2’s enhancements, so I think I’ll be happy saving money buying the least spec’d one. (I don’t care about Facetime either.)

    I usually check at i-weaver but their website lists the cheapest one (16GB, Wifi only) at SAR 1999.

    • @ AK 

      I have unused Ipad 1 Wifi + 3G 16GB that i want to sell . I am in Dammam and  I just open the box but never use the Ipad , If you are willing to buy then reply to this post with your email or contact detail. 



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