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Share Your Experience with STC’s iPhone 4

Saudi Telecom Company has started selling the iPhone 4 in Saudi Arabia and like we did with Mobily’s launch we provide this post to share your experiences with the launch. Make sure to share your experience, comments, photos in the comments.

Here are some comments from the Arabic post:

  • STC employee claims that the initial shipment was 19,000 iPhones
  • Only Basic plan is available for everyone, there are undisclosed conditions if you wanted to buy Extra or Premium packages. Mobily did that mistake too.
  • iPhone 4 16GB sold out early
  • You can issue a new phone number or apply the package on your current number
  • There is an undisclosed termination penalty
  • Earlier reservations were useless

STC now has their own Carrier Settings Update (STC 9.1), once you install it you cannot manually edit APN settings but they have been set for you. These settings include free tethering (USB and Bluetooth, Wi-Fi personal hotspot coming with iOS 4.3).

Here are some photos taken by @Tamerr from the Olaya STC branch last Sunday:

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  1. I went there last day and i was given this excuse that they are currently selling to Saudi nationals ONLY…
    plx if u can look into this ……do sumthing about it and inform me .

    • Wow, Mobily was at least showing the courtesy to give other excuses but STC is Oplenly saying it’s because of our race. Makes me Sad …. 🙁

    • This can’t be true. I know dozens of expats (including me) who got STC’s iPhone without problems.

  2. Guys, just buy it outside the kingdom if you know some one or just do it via aramex. What kind of service do we expect from Saudi people anyhow.

    • When expats are like you then Saudis should behave likewise… and if you don’t like Saudis then get the hell out of this country.. we won’t feel sorry for you!

      People here are talking about STC and you ugly minded talking about Saudi people. Get a life for god sake..

  3. “There is an undisclosed termination penalty”
    what do you think would be the penalty mr khaled? 😉

  4. will there be another shipment of iphone 4’s from STC, I gave up on mobily they dont like to sell. If there will be more iphone 4’s when should we expect them mr. Khaled?

  5. very bad experience.  Is it available at mobily ?

  6. i would just like to say that STC is the biggest discriminating company, because i was the first person who reached the STC office, Sunday morning in khobar, and when i asked for iphone they told me write my name and number on an page and told me that STC will call you and then you can pick your devise. After few days i went to STC office again to inquire about Iphone 4 and guess what they told me its finished. it was only available for VIP customers. VIP = saudi . i dont believe that its for expiates. Mobily was much more fair with there customers because they were giving Iphone on first come first served basis regardless to racism, nationality or VIP status.   

  7. do mobily have stock now?

  8. i went to STC on thursday for iphone they said i should come on sunday i went to them yesterday they called me today and when i went to them today the say come next week on sunday what kind of a stupid joke is this?

    • don’t be offended..same thing happen in Malaysia, always delay..even though Iphone 4 launch 4 months ago..

  9. they always keep saying next week!!!….

  10. Same also happened with me when I went their today asking for iPhone they said next week

  11. I’m a Filipino expat, if STC is not selling for other nationalities except saudis, that’s not fair… 🙁 I really wanted to have an iPhone, but if they are not selling to others, and if they are selling and not available, what’s with this advertisement? It’s so misleading and sad… 🙁

    • I accompanied my friend last Thursday to buy an iPhone, this Saudi told him that they are only selling iPhones to professionals…well how do you define professionals?h showed his company ID and told him to come back 4PM maybe his supervisor will approve it. When he came back, they told him that it was sold out! What the???????

    • I haven’t been to STC branches to inquire about the super “hyped” iPhone 4, but if I will base all of the comments here whether I will inquire in STC or not, maybe I’m just wasting my time and energy for that matter.. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  12. 19000 iPhones for Saudis!!! r u kiding

    And they r completed and out of stock?

    it should be 1900

  13. I went to stc a day before and still they say they have no stock of iphones.Is it in real or a fake demand donno.The same thing is with mobily – they claim its out fo stock as well!!!!

  14. Ask the Mobile Stores beside STC or Mobily and iPhones are available with them. LOL

    • but they are asking for ridiculous prices, iphone 4 32gb for 4000 SR and 16gb for 3500 SR.
      Apple should start their own stores in KSA, they should not trust these(STC and mobily) who know nothing about customer respect.

  15. Does anyone who has iphone 4’s already experience the camera app freeze problem as well? Its a very common problem with the iphone 4, I tried to open camera app on my friends iphone 4 and saw that it was true. Can anyone try to open their camera app and see if they get stuck on the closed shutter.

    • STC and MOBILY out of stock, black market full of stock. The bosses or staffs of STC and mobily always says no more, no more. Simply coz, they buy the iphone’s themselves and sell it to black market, or I think they own their own mobile stores themselves and sell the iphone 4 at high black market prices. Nice way to profit big on their loyal customers expense, dont you think?

  16. Dear All,
                    i would like to know whether the STC Iphone 4 is locked or unlocked.I own a 32GB version which i got on day 1 from STC, olaya branch.
    I dont have a micro sim from any other carrier to check it by myself. 

    • all the iphones in saudi arabia stc/mobily are unlocked.
      You can cut the normal sim and use it as micro sim.

  17. Dears,
                  i have an iphone 32gb bought from STC, when i went to STC they told me they cant give the phone because the sim card was on my brother’s name, so my friend bought the phone on his post paid connection and i gave him the money. Now i want to know whether its possible to activate the iphone package on my new post paid connection(under my name and iqama). 
              My friend is in trouble because he is paying the iphone basic package amount without any use, i am seriously thinking to give the phone to him , if any one has got a solution please let me know.

  18. Im using mine for a week now, its from taiwan, all the features are working, all the problems posted on the net so far I have none. And its unlocked, i cut my simtill only the copper part is left and it fitted on the sim tray. I have facetime enabled by activating carrier update settings which will automatically pop up once u insert your sim. So far its great to have, enjoying books app, 3d games, good music and awesome HD camera. That so far is my iphone experience. (its not from STC though)

  19. Carrier updates does not appear on my Iphone , recently bought from Mobily. Can anybody help. 
    And yes it is unlocked as i have used zain sim on it as well

  20. dear my all  friend i need to ask about i phone 4 i take in stc shop at price o 1899 sr, theres some monthly payment i receive that one end of the one how i cant get my monthly payment because this is my fist time take cellphone in stc . i dont  have any idea for this promotion cant you plss help me guys thankss i need your comment regarding this matter plss 

  21. Dear All ,i am using iphone 4 using stc preapid microsim and i have activated 1 GB quciknet most of the time i am using only wifi to access internet yesterday i activated 1 gb plan now in that 1 gb 90 mb was over just i have used for 5 minutes internet surf using my cellular data . in fring i have used for twio minutes ,

    please any one guide me is there any setting to be done in my iphone 4 please guide me and also usage of my cellular data showing only sent 1 mb and recived 6 mb please help me


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