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Mobily: New and Limited iPhone 4 Quantities Available

Mobily has announced (via SMS, Facebook and Twitter) they have a new shipment of iPhone 4 units. iPhone 4 prices from Mobily are already listed so if you’re looking for an iPhone 4 make sure to visit a Mobily store as soon as possible.

No news about FaceTime so we assume it’s still disabled even though it is listed as a feature on Mobily’s website (click Features then Phone).

And judging from Mobily’s message iPhone 4 stock is still limited.

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  1. This is a lie. I just went to the mobily store in jeddah tahlia. and the salesmen had no clue of the iPhone 4. He did not even know when it will come.  I was very upset because Mobily has such poor service. They don’t even pick up heir phone and have no stock for iPhone 4

  2. bull **** mobily is pucking with u saudies. they have enough stock, they are just marketing them smartly, using the limited stock stunt. google this marketing game plan.

    • Was in showroom also during last night and they claimed it was just a system err. (?) And when i asked the security guard he said…maybe tomorrow (?) sigh.

  3. Any news from STC?

  4. Mobily doesnt have iphones, they are just making sure that people dont buy it from others. They keep on saying tomorrow and their tomorrow has not come until now.

    • Visited the main store at Yanbu on Friday immediately after I received the SMS.The customer service guy mentioned that it would be available the following day by 9:00 hrs and asked me to be there before that so that i could get it.Went there at 9.00 hrs only to be told by a different guy that it would be available in the evening.In the evening its the same story.Tomorrow and Guess tomorrow never comes…

    • tarannum did you get iphone from mobily?

  5. The weird part is the only shop that doesnt have iphone from mobily is mobily itself … go to any of the mobile stores in mursalat and they all have plenty of iphones .. and all from mobily … only thing the price is inflated by sr.500

  6. Lol, Just bribe the Mobily Staff and you get your iPhone 4 in no time. Astaghfirullah

  7. Thats true. you should have WASTA with some one in mobily. My friends friend got iphone 2 weeks back from mobily. i asked how  did he get answer was WASTA. he knows someone in mobily and got it.

  8. I want to buy iphone4. but where in Riyadh?? Is it available in DUBAI???

  9. i spotted mobily Ad for iphone4…so are the units now avaialble in mobily showroom. Any news????

  10. My friend had to use a WASTA to get his iPhone 4. Nothing gets done in this country without a WASTA.

  11. Got a 16GB iphone 4 from Madinah (branch amongst all the hotels to the rear of Haram) two days ago. The first man said there were only 16GB devices available, but the salesman I actually dealt with offered both (I didn’t check if they actually had 32GB). Didn’t check packages either, as I wanted to use my STC sim, so I got the prepaid package for the published 2699SR. And yes, they are still unlocked, STC sim works. iOS 4.1 is installed, and facetime isn’t available. Haven’t jailbroken and tried the iphoneislam hack, as not having facetime isn’t a deal-killer right now. Hope this is useful for someone.


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