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Boxcar 4.1 Update Adds Gowalla and more

The push notifications app, Boxcar, was updated again this week. The update adds push notifications from the following services:

  • Location based social services Gowalla and Foursquare
  • Social news website: Reddit with either public or accounts settings
  • Specific twitter username. See if you can add @saudimac in Boxcar and receive notifications immediately on your device

Boxcar 4.1 also addresses the following issues/bugfixes:

  • Dismiss the browser if we find ourselves redirecting to a URL that is outside of the application.
  • Resolve missing back button if opening to a browser view sequentially.
  • Character count positioning for iPad.
  • Properly display error messages to users when services fail to save because of validation issues.
  • Make sure ‘Open in Safari’ actually opens Safari.
  • Consistent positioning of Instructions and Help button among services.
  • Adjusted numberOfLines in show message view to prevent odd word-wrapping.
  • No longer using a modal dialog for remote providers (Github).
  • Accessibility enhancements.
  • Slide to View and “Client not installed” fixes for providers and Growl.
  • Twitter Shoutouts.
  • Disabling ads now works correctly.
  • Don’t display error messages in a UIAlertView, for UIWebViews.
  • Instapaper crash (nil password).
  • Facebook permissions.
  • Refresh arrows were backwards.
  • Quiet time label is refreshed properly after saving.

And finally the update adds the following features:

  • Ability to re-order services on the grid.
  • Ability to delete messages.
  • Show the provider / service name in the messages index.
  • Remove the total message count from the messages index.
  • Add Twitter Follow provider. Instant notifications anytime someone tweets.
  • Add ability to follow people back from within Boxcar.
  • Link twitter list names when viewing a message.
  • Replace plcrashreporter with Hoptoad for better/easier to deal with crash reporting.
  • Prompt the user for an app store review after 5 days of usage.
  • When logging out, actually log the user out and stop delivering messages to that device.
  • Add text treatment to help identify the type of message.
  • Rewrite replies.
  • Load the users inbox (and clear any badges) in the background after redirecting the user to another application.

Boxcar is a free app but you can pay $4.99 with an in-app-purchase to disable ads. Boxcar is a universal app that runs on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

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