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Arabic Keyboard in iPad with iOS 4.2 is Flawed

We talked about the Arabic keyboard in the iPad with iOS 4.2 beta 1 and how it was extremely strange, the letters were in weird positions compared to regular Arabic keyboards and the diacritics button is too large and is taking the space used by the space button.

Let’s compare the different Arabic keyboards available in Apple products:

iPad Arabic Keyboard with iOS 4.2

This is the Arabic (Software) keyboard that has been added to the iPad in iOS 4.2.

iPhone/iPod touch Arabic Keyboard with iOS 3 and later

The first Arabic Keyboard on an iOS device but the iPad keyboard doesn’t even match it.

Mac OS X default Arabic keyboard

This is the default Arabic keyboard layout found in most Macs sold in the Middle East. This is Apple’s Arabic keyboard layout.

Mac OS X “PC” Arabic keyboard

The keyboard I am used to. The layout matches to the Arabic keyboard layout used in Microsoft Windows. It’s not bad for switchers.

Mac OS X Arabic “QWERTY”?

I am not even sure why we have a QWERTY Arabic keyboard. QWERTY is an English keyboard so it makes no sense. But this is the third Arabic keyboard layout pre-installed in Mac OS X.

Compare these keyboards and you will notice that there is no standard Arabic key layout. So customers switching from a Mac to an iPad or iPhone will have a difficult time getting used to the different layouts.

This is a serious flaw and Apple needs to fix it as soon as possible. They should offer multiple Arabic keyboard layouts and have a unified Arabic input layout.

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  1. The great thing about AirPlay, believe it or not, is that you’re not in search of a new DLNA tv to make it work. Moreover, you can move the functionality easily between different sets in your house on an as needed basis. Considering its hockey-puck size, and the iTunes DJ functionality… that’s some really nice capability packed in there.

  2. Could you guys communicate to apple to fix the Arabic keyboard on the iPad and make it like iPhone? 
    No one like someone have to take our voices to apple. 

  3. I love the Arabic Qwerty keyboard! it’s amazing! it’s a phonetic arabic layout! and I wish I it was avalaible in all OSes, it lets you type arabic as if you are typing english, I don’t have to learn a new layout! for example the letter K=Ùƒ and the letter L=Ù„ and the letter M=Ù…
    it’s really simple to use and I love it! I think apple is just testing different keyboards maybe they think the one in the iPad best suits it, but I do agree that they need to offer more than one arabic keyboard, they offer different ones for english… but I think the blame is with the Arab world, we need to standarise the keyoboards.


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