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Daily Archives: November 3, 2010

Going to Hajj? There’s an app for that

Mobily released a Hajj information app for the iPhone and iPod touch. From the App Store: Al Hajj application is a unique one which is considered as the ultimate pilgrim companion. It encompasses all the necessary information, including detailed description of all the duties to be performed during “Al-Hajj” along with the specific do’s and dont’s. Moreover, this application includes ...

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AlJazeera Erroneous iPhone Privacy Reportage Causes Panic [video]

AlJazeera channel aired an inaccurate report about the iPhone unauthorized user patent. The report was completely wrong and it spread fear, uncertainty and doubt between consumers in the Middle East. Here is the AlJazeera report (it’s in Arabic, we talked about the report on the Arabic edition of SaudiMac in September, but if anyone wants to provide English translation then ...

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Mobily Multi SIM Supports 3G Data Sharing

Mobily has announced that the Multiple SIM card service now supports sharing the 3G data connection between multiple cards at the same time. Previously you had to manually switch the active 3G data SIM. An excellent step by Mobily to improve their service and now you can easily share your (Mobily Connect) 3G data between up to 3 SIM cards. ...

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