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Mobily released an HSPA+ portable hotspot

Mobily has launched a new HSPA+ (Evolved HSPA) modem in Saudi Arabia. Mobily’s HSPA+ network offers 21mbps connection as long as you’re in the right area.

The new HSPA+ modem is a “Connect Mini Wi-Fi”, it’s similar to the Novatel MiFi, a battery powered mobile access point for your HSPA connection. Prices are 649SR for 1GB package, 749SR for 5GB package and 899SR for unlimited packages. No info about monthly fees.

While it was posted on Arabic news outlets I could not find any information about it in English as I could only find English reports about a Ferrari modem.

The device is either BandLuxe PR30 or PR39 from BandRich.

I was mistaken, my apologies. I expect that the new model sold by Mobily is the Huawei E583C as shown here:

It’s sold in Hong Kong for $177 USD according to Engadget.

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  1. I was looking at getting this package for use in Al-Khobar at home and at work. The 21.6MBps attracted me, though I am weary about actual speeds. Strangely, when enquiring at a mobily outlet, I was told that the WiMax Broadband @ home is ‘better’. Not sure I understand what makes it better… actual speed, coverage, reliabilty.
    Could anyone comment or share their experience?

    • I went for this package in the end. My needs were general browsing and Xbox360 gaming. Although advertised for 899SAR, the price of the device (definitely Bandluxe PR30 as per web interface) gone up for a total of 949 including one month unlimited data. Then 350SAR per month pre-paid for unlimited data.
      Coverage and Speed in Al-Johara district of Al-Khobar is mixed. Speedtest.net checks ranged between 58ms ping, 4.5mbps downloads to 200+ms ping, 0.4mbps. Overall, satisfied for its portability, despite long startups and not sure whether it’s healthy to keep it connected to the mains or USB power. In summary PRO: Portabilty, Speed (when connected), Convenience, decent wifi range. CON: Long Startups & Signal Search. Unstable Wifi connection. Good for general browsing (for those with multiple browser tabs). Not so good for online gaming.
      I will eventually compare this to the Wimax package.

  2. Band Luxe PR 39 takes long to commect and keeps disconnecting. USELESS. I AM SORRY I BOUGHT IT

  3. i really dont know how to block the users in my Bandluxe Pr30..someone is using my connections..im pissed off, please help me.

  4. I bought PR30 and at first I was impressed for it’s speed but after days past, my MOBILY sim or displays always NO SERVICE and/or it takes very long to connect to the internet. 

  5. this device is a piece of junk, wi-fi signal keeps on disconnecting, I went to mobily branch and they refused to exchange it and they got not idea about device troublshooting, I don’t recomend anyone to waste 640 SAR for such a piece of trash !!!


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