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Going Ãœber Mobile with the Apple iPad

Any techie dreams of the day where he or she would reach a level of being uber mobile.

I got a chance to go on a short business trip to Dubai, so I thought since nothing is critical at this stage, just a little work here and there, I will try taking my iPad along, leave my laptop behind, and see how things go.

So what do I need to get the most out of my iPad, and be productive?

First Things First:
Right now I am on board the plain heading to Dubai, and the first thing I need is a strong cup of coffee, so this is the first thing an uber mobile guy needs.

What Lies Ahead:
As you read this, iOS 4.2 for the iPad is not officially out as Gold Master (non-techie translation: final release), it is still in Beta, so I won’t be talking about it, but one of the things that will give the iPad an advantage as a mobile device with a super boost in the market will be multitasking like what we already have right now on iPhone iOS 4, that said, by November we will have multitasking on our iPads and this is where the device will make a dent in the tech universe.

The five people who know me, knows that I am a writer, who is passionate about writing, and to me writing on the iPad is what this device is all about to me (along with reading, playing games, getting email, surfing the web… The list goes on) but what is really important is the tools you use to write, and the iPad offers many high end tools like Pages application which has been designed special for the touch interface. The question would be how would it stack up to tactile interface (non-techie translation: Just the normal keyboard dude) well surprisingly enough this whole article with two other business plans have been written already on this flight (am still in the air) using the iPad’s on screen keyboard. And yes I am human not an alien hybrid.

But what makes the iPad even special is the fact that the device has a built-in dictionary, so you can spell check your words right there.

Now there are many other apps for writers, but I will be talking about those in another post, every one loves lists.

Camera, meet my iPad:
Now this is one nifty thing you can do with your iPad, if you own the USB/SD card reader, you simply can connect your digital camera or iPhone directly to your iPad and import everything to your photo library, you can also import video to your device, think of summer vacations.

This is a Biggie, What about Blogging:
Recently I have been tweeting about finding a good blogging app for the iPad and since I tried WordPress, I discovered that it failed miserably, now I know that it is a free app, so I won’t complain about that (I don’t like it when people bitch about free stuff, it is free, so if you don’t like it don’t use it).

Yes another cup of coffee please…

Oh sorry was talking to the flight attendant, any way back to blogging, I finally discovered that there are a very limited number of apps for the iPad, but what grabbed my attention is this cool app called BlogPress, it is a plus app (non-techie translation: works on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad) and this entire post is composed and sent (once I touchdown) from it.

The app offers many features, like including photos and videos and uploading them to your designated online accounts, if you have multiple blogs, you can post to them all with one tap (you thought I would say click :P)

I Don’t Miss You Too:
So what if I forget something back home on my laptop? No worries many great online sharing apps are out there to make everyone’s life easier, I personally like GoodReader for iPad — not so much the apps green splash page — Okay a splash page is the page the opens frost when you load an app incase you were wondering.

So has the iPad reached the point where I can rely on it as a mobile (uber that is) device, so far so good, and I am sure that once iOS 4.2 comes out with multitasking and air printing (yeah imagine that, the iPad and iPhone will print on any WiFi connected printer, and you won’t need to install drivers) so far iPad is a true mobile worrier companion. The captain wants us to turn all electronic devices off, gotta go.

– Posted from my iPad

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