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Game Changers: Steve Jobs [video]

Bloomberg has posted a profile on Steve Jobs in a 48 minute video aired a few days ago and now it’s available on their website.

You can watch the video on Bloomberg’s website: Bloomberg Game Changers: Steve Jobs.

We heard complaints that that there are problems playing that video so we provided a mirror of that video that you can download: Game Changers: Steve Jobs.

We’re also looking for a volunteer to translate that video, if you’re interested, reply to this post.

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  3. Enter Apple Almqdomp millions of homes:The life story of Steve Jobs godfather (Apple)Report – Imad AbbadWho would have believed that all the amazing technological breakthroughs made by Apple Inc. in recent times, led by patron Steve Jobs would not have occurred if Jobs did not listen to the advice of the monk Atnah Japanese coupon Chino his desire to leave life, money, business and enter into a monk!Jobs has long been an admirer of Buddhism that has left a significant impact in his life, starting from how to wear his clothes (the black jerseys and blue jeans and sports shoes, formation, and the eternal favorite of clothing) and the end of his administration’s strict company Apple.In all press conferences and most of the events, it would be difficult to predict what Sertdi Jobs, Fajzanp his clothes filled with the same jerseys black-neck and long sleeves, echoing Stephen in more than one occasion, “I do not care at all, word-for a way to Pusey, and that continuing on the same Dress saves you valuable time in the morning as it will not have to confused and thinking Stlbsa for that day. “Style of dress is not a point of peculiar only in the life of the godfather of Apple, because his life is full of paradoxes, Vchksith mad perfect is that leaders are more likely to achieve success in the company’s products as that of personal luxury created some kind of suffering exotic, as it is rare to buy something which would to Maigueth, who bought his House in Woodside mansion, for example, was empty at Arusha is suffering from a lack of furniture have not received the furniture in it except one room as Steve did not find in the catalogs of what pleases Maigueth Earth! (This may be because the cause of his passion for German cars and German philosophy in the pursuit of perfection!).Jobs is filling the world and the concern of people who are entrenched in the march of technological impact of computers and mobile phones is without doubt one of the most creative minds and the vitality of the product of a life full of suffering, and challenges. He was on the brink of death once, and on the verge of bankruptcy once as he lived Kalmichrd early age brings bottles empty in order to sell to recycling companies five cents, “says Steve about that era:” I do not have the money to study all the materials so I had to choose is important to them and study, as that university housing is not affordable for my budget and I who you staple food by collecting empty bottles and sell to recycling companies, analyzed the problem of housing to sleep on the floor in the rooms of my colleagues. But I was Okavi myself every day a walk seven miles to one Mtaami favorite meal, I have the good. “Since the beginning of his life suffered ostracism Steve, he did not live within the confines of his parents Alpajulugiyn (and the way his father is Syrian, Professor Abdel-Fattah Jandali and his sister is the novelist Mona Simpson.) Speaks of Jobs for those suffering he says: “When Ardtni mother up for adoption because of her young age took me a lawyer and his wife, but they surprised me was they were requesting the girl to adopt, then contacted another family requests that Taatbanani but the weakness of the educational level of father and mother in that family to make my mother feel free to send me to that family to be cut and the father of the family, except for those decided to send me to school and complete my education “In a speech delivered by Steve Jobs in 2005 in a graduation ceremony at Stanford University spoke about the three stories in his life, Steve was very inspiring in that speech, he was already reveal things in a very human emotion filled transparent. Talked about the overview in his childhood and suffering in his youth with university study that swallowed up most of the savings of his family to adoption, to the extent that led him to leave the university and enroll in to learn the line (he was credited with the introduction of the fonts on the Mac and thus traded in other systems) also spoke about the inception of the Apple and expelled them later and return it.Jobs says he is grateful to all the obstacles that have taken place in his life, as would otherwise have been developed to map its success “was expelled from Apple the most beautiful event in my life, I’ve moved from success to the lightness of the weight to start again .. If that is what has produced innovative ideas in the five years that followed. “The disease was another school for Jobs taught a lesson in life, despite the strict style of eating, which requires him to avoid eating meat as well as all animal products such as dairy products and eggs, but he suffered from cancer of the pancreas, the aggressive strain. Select a doctors from three to six months is the expected duration of his life and advised him to begin to pack in preparation for departure but after taking a biopsy of the tumor turned out to be of the type is very rare that can be cured surgically.”I learned that I remember the death, as the little death is the best thing to avoid the trap that you have something to lose. I also learned to look in the mirror every morning and ask self: if this day is the last day I live, what is the thing that I have to have done? “Thus echoing the wise child Steve Jobs.Jobs finite simple may not convince you its appearance as more than paint or a farmer or owner of the car repair workshop – if exaggerated in the evaluation of his social status – but that of a simple man a reasonably tyrant is not permissible in a place only pumped card endless creativity and extraordinary success.In the garage the car in his family’s house called Apple when Jobs was at the age of twenty to grow and grow and become a large company with more than 4 thousand employees with a capital of two billion dollars. After that came out of her after a disagreement in views with the management, liberation Jobs of the weight of success as described by the lightness start again, clutching his wand to strike somewhere else went out the greatest companies animations in the world Pixar Animation Studios, which produced films as superb as the movie Toy story Up and film and other masterpieces.Story of Jobs did not and will not end we can not predict what can be scaled by the creative intelligence, and may cause a larger dose of panic to his rivals and more excitement for the fans when they hear repeating the mantra “We do not announce our future plans, but we are working in total secrecy, and then announce it in time appropriate “.Indeed, after Jobs returned to his passion for many years I (Apple) – as described – after Apple decided to buy NeXT and launched it towards the horizon were not dreaming, he returned to Infhaa finest creations that have made Apple Almqdomp enter millions of homes and pockets!


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