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FaceTime is not available on Middle Eastern carriers

Yesterday Apple updated their Locating iPhone wireless carriers support page to include a small note regarding FaceTime for Middle Eastern countries. Note number 4 says that FaceTime is not available on this carrier.

The countries listed without FaceTime are:

  • Saudi Arabia (mobily) – affected model numbers are MC603AE and MC605AE
  • United Arab Emirates (Du and Etisalat) – affected model numbers are MC603AE and MC605AE
  • Qatar (Vodafone) – affected model numbers are MC603AE and MC605AE
  • Egypt (Mobinil and Vodafone) – affected model numbers are MC603AB and MC605AB
  • Jordan (Orange) – we assume that the affected model numbers will be MC603AB and MC605AB

Tunisia is missing from the list, also Tunisia’s iPhone page does list FaceTime as a feature.

Remember we are talking about iPhone 4 running iOS 4.1 or later. FaceTime is working on iOS 4.0.2.

What can we do?

• Import your own iPhone 4. iPhone 4 models sold from every other country have FaceTime enabled and you could try to order from the UK Apple Store and ship using Aramex. Just avoid scalpers that are taking advantage and raised the iPhone 4 prices again.
• If you bought an iPhone 4 from any of these Middle Eastern carriers then return the iPhone 4 and ask for a refund.
• Contact this lawyer.
• Fill this feedback form on Apple’s site
• Send an email to Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs. His email is sjobs@apple.com

Thank you, Adel.

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  1. I purchased iPhone4 with model MC603AE from Istyle running IOS 4.0.2 is it possible that if i update to 4.1 the facetime will work in other country 

    • Hi Aman,
      It is not carrier issue, the issue is The Model number, Apple’s update will vanish facetime from your mobile if you update even anywhere.

  2. Thanks very much Mr. Rehan it means i should not update until apple do something about it, right.

    • Yes! don’t update until Apple clears this issue.
      & for those who already update & lost facetime, they can install an App from Appstore called “TANGO Video call” for free, it is almost same like Facetime, & works with Wifi & 3g with iphone 4 & 3gs.

  3. One more thing Mr.Rehan if 4.1 is jailbreak is Facetime enable or it will be same

  4. Does anybody actually know if Mobily is accepting any returns on the iPhone 4

  5. What about Bahrain? Why isn’t Bahrain mentioned anywhere?

  6. I have been trying to figure out how apple has disabled Facetime on 4.1 IOS.

    There are two ways apple could disable Facetime One is via the carrier plist file in the software. 

    But at the time of launch apple did not have a clue such a provision will have to be made during worldwide launch. 

    What they did instead is disabled the feature from the system plist same as the battery percentage or multitasking has been done from the Iphone3G. 

    In theory once Jailbroken we can easily activate facetime back on and as we know mobily is not blocking it will work instantly too.

    As today the Limera1n JAilbreak has been Released i will get back once i try and experiment all the possibilities.

  7. not in all countries, only ones without democracy, in Israel for example Face time works great.  

  8. Hi all , am using iphone4 from mobily with firmware 4.0.2 , am having facetime in it , I saved my SSHH at cydia first to ensure downgrade using TinyUmbrella , then i apgraded my Iphone 4 to 4.1 and JB wid Limera1n , hence face time disappered as expected , i went after thru the cydia patches to solve the problem by adding http://iphonedelivery.advinux.com/ source like everyone else tried , but failed to solve , i tried all latter patches but of no solution ,like da patches we used to do for da the 3G to display battery perectage …. As a conclusion ; no patch to solve Model MC603AE of iphone 4 yet , may be for ever , so now am downgrading it back to 4.0.2 to have facetime back ….

  9. does facetime work in brahain?? anyone know?


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