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Daily Archives: October 4, 2010

iPad available at the Amazon store

Now it is possible to purchase an Apple iPad directly from the Amazon online store as well as Target stores. Of course there is a difference between buying directly from Amazon (look for Prime) at the original price and between buying from a third-party at higher prices. Currently Amazon online store is only selling the following iPad models: iPad Wi-Fi ...

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Legal Action against Mobily to Enable iPhone 4 FaceTime

Nayef Almansi, a Saudi lawyer, has started an online campaign to demand that Mobily activate the FaceTime service in Saudi Arabia. Mr. Almansi is asking Mobily iPhone 4 owners to participate. It should be noted that FaceTime has been disabled in iPhone 4 units running iOS 4.1 with the following model numbers: MC605AE and MC603AE (same model number in UAE ...

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Yamli, the Arabic keyboard for the iPhone and iPad

Yamli has released their iOS keyboard app, the app allows users to type Arabic without an Arabic keyboard. It is based on a real-time transliteration engine which converts words typed with Latin characters to their closest Arabic equivalent (from Yamli’s website). Yamli app is very easy to use, just start typing latin characters and the app will start converting the ...

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Mobily App 1.0.3 for iPhone

Mobily has updated their services iPhone app “Mobily app“.

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