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Daily Archives: October 2, 2010

Remotely print on your Mac using Dropbox

Here’s how to use Dropbox with Automator Folder Actions to print documents remotely by simply uploading a file from a remote computer or mobile device. Anything you drop in the “todo” folder (Ed. note: Which you can do from any phone or computer with Dropbox installed and connected to your home computer) will now automatically open its respective app, print ...

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How Long Would Your iPhone or iPad Last?

Ever wondered how long would an iPhone 4 or iPad battery would last you? Update: I have added battery specs of the new iPod touch at the bottom. Here is one of many apps that can help you determine how many hours your iOS device can run. Activity Monitor Touch (+ App for $1.99) iPhone 4 Battery Life @100% Charge: ...

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MobileMe Gallery app updated for iPad

Apple has updated their MobileMe Gallery to include iPad and Retina display support. MobileMe Gallery allows you to browse your published MobileMe photos and videos. You can also view your friends’ MobileMe galleries. MobileMe Gallery 1.2 includes the following: • Universal app with full iPad support • Supports fast app switching for iOS 4 devices • Optimized for Retina displays ...

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Going Ãœber Mobile with the Apple iPad

Any techie dreams of the day where he or she would reach a level of being uber mobile. I got a chance to go on a short business trip to Dubai, so I thought since nothing is critical at this stage, just a little work here and there, I will try taking my iPad along, leave my laptop behind, and ...

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