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Share your Mobily iPhone 4 experience

The iPhone 4 has been officially released in Saudi Arabia by Mobily.

Did you go to Mobily today? How was your purchasing experience, please share with all of us in the comments.

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  1. Mobily (Tahliah, Jeddah)

    I was there at 10.
    first guy (who gives out numbers) told me iPhone will become available after dohor.
    at my turn, the customer service rep told me it will be inshallah available at 5 PM.
    While leaving went to another counter they told me I can get it on Monday.
    yeah… amazing experience, I’m just glad I didn’t kill anyone.

    • Thats Mobily experience. Same old story same old no sense employees who doesnt know anything 🙂 We want apple Saudi Arabia!

    • I guess we should complain Apple about this. The worst part is when the stock is actually available and they tell u…” IPhone Khalaaas.. Maalish”……….. Is this the way to conduct business….what a shame…. I have been visiting mobily since the day of launch and i hear this same damn damn… No stock…… and when u ask when should i make my next visit, when can i expect it to be available….”Wallah i don’t know”……. how can retail store people be so ignorant???? Is this mobily or a Bakala???????? on Sunday i made a visit to olaya branch and i was told the same thing so i asked when should i make my next visit??? He said I don’t know may be next week it will be available… i said ok fine… Then again yesterday i just passed by mobily and decided to stop..guess what…. the reception staff told me that 2day we sold 200 units and now finished??????????????????????????????????????????????/ Soooo the moral of the story is … IF U ACTUALLY WANT TO GRAB AN IPHONE 4 FROM MOBILY JUST VISIT THEM ALMOST EVERY 2 HOURS OR IF POSSIBLE STAY THERE THE WHOLE DAMN DAY…DON”T EVEN STEP OUT BECAUSE U NEVER KNOW WHEN THE STOCK BECOMES AVAILABLE…. LIKE WE AIN’T GOT ANYTHING TO DO……THATS A REAL MOBILY EXPERIENCE.

    • Where can i buy the micro sim … I have iphone4 already … Huhuhuhu

  2. I’ve been using iPhone4 since a month and I must say that it’s the most amazing device I’ve ever had. Absolutely, no signal issues no matter how I hold it. I tried to replicate death-grip, but nothing happened.

    Loves my device. There’s nothing one can say is missing in iPhone4. No reason to change my set. I’m gonna keep it unless Apple release something more awesome than iPhone4.

    • Eeman, the post said Share Your Mobily IPhone 4 Experience, so the unit (and/or the purchasing of it) has to be the whole content of your comment. Jeeze!

    • I’m sorry, I didn’t check the rest of the post. :/

    • hi,
      many users are complaining about reception problem?did you face reception problem when working on 3g network?any call dropping ,stucking and black screen issues with it?
      have you also used 3gs ?any problem with it you faced any time????????

    • I’ve absolutely no reception issues with my iPhone4, and mind you, I’m in low-coverage area. I’ve done speed test on 3G network various times with and without death-grip. Absolutely no difference. Not a single call has so far been dropped.

      There were issues with black-screen -i.e., Proximity Sensor malfunctioning. With latest update iOS4.1 that issue was fixed.

      I love my device.

  3. Can anybody confirm that mobily actually did sell the iPhone anywhere today?

    • I would request the admin/moderator to provide us with “One Topic” page only where we can share our feedback posts and views.
      I believe there are to many topics relating to Mobily Iphone 4 launch. Its difficult to follow with posts on the latest one.

  4. i took the iphone from mobily at 2 PM 
    as always WASTA is there but to be fair with the guys they were really trying to do their best

  5. anybody bought it from mobily.please confirm its locked or unlocked.

  6. Got mine from Mobily Tahlia in Jeddah.

    I arrived at 1:07pm, got it at 3:30pm.

    The reps say that facetime works and that it is unlocked.

    So far the iphone setting says that facetime is “on” but i haven’t been able to test that or that it is unlocked. Will check that facetime is working later tonight and post results.

    Does anyone have a way to test if the phone is unlocked without using another micro-sim?

  7. i wanna try face time? is it free? only on wifi rite?

  8. iphone 4 mobily is working on STC ??? anyone tried ?

  9. Ok guys i got 16 gb from Tahlia. The facetime is active and it will surely work, its not on ‘waiting for activation’ it is on but i have not tried it yet. Mobily also provided a great quick service I got it in 5 minutes, literally 5 minutes after maghrib prayer today. Excellent mobily. and one more thing, yes the STC sim is working and the phone is unlocked 🙂

  10. Got my iPhone from Mobily Palestine St.-Jeddah
    @ 17.30hrs Very easily 🙂

  11. Mobily should AT LEAST…

    Post something on their BIG SCREENS  or even through INTERCOM that X units are no longer available!!!  (X = 32GB / 16GB iPhone 4)

    How would you feel when you have your queue number, waited like forever, then come your turn they tell you the item you want is no longer available and at the same time grin and say “Come again tomorrow—EARLY.”?!

  12. Most of you guys got iphone 4 from jeddah branch. Any one who can confirm in which branch in riyadh it is available??

    • Got mine from Riyadh. 32 GB. From Mobily branch on Olaya next to Nike shop. Thanks to few very helpful and nice guys I was able to get my hands on it sooner than I expected.

    • hi,

      Congrats on getting Iphone 4 !people who got their iphones 4 plz. tell your experiences as some said this new model isn’t good as it gets stuck ,call drops and black screen comes.is there any complain you faced?how is internet browsing youtube videos online on it???????????

    • @ brill I noticed the reception issue with the death grip. Havent used it at the 3G as yet just surfed using my wifi. I am looking for a good iphone 4 cover which is sleek like a ZAG shield or something. Does anyone know?

  13. can anyone here tell me how to start the iphone 4?coz when i tried to open it only itunes appear..i really dont nkow how to use it..lol sorry coz it was my first phone from apple…

  14. i got ipone 16 gb from thalia yesterday. in my phone facetime is not showing ? how it activate ?

  15. We got iP4 in Mobily – Dhahran yesterday after 1 hr and 30 minutes of processing. I let my wife buy it on ladies section. It costs 3099 SAR for 32gb with free micro sim card (you have to put load on it). Its great and worth the wait.

  16. Anyone know which branch in jeddah still have 32gb? I got 1 yesterday but it was 16gb. I would like to hv the 32gb 1. Anyone?

  17. is news abt the availability in eastern region?

  18. just came from mobily el ehsa rd,badluck for me.the guy who came before me took 4 units of 32gig ip4,and that was the last piece…

  19. hi,thanks for replying.but what is the reception issue with the death grip???any more problem you faced?did you use iphone 3sg also?which one is better 3sg or 4?

  20. is the microsim from mobily already activated?why when i open my open it appears no signal?

    • anyone used iphone 3gs?did you face reception problem when working on 3g network?any call dropping ,stucking and black screen issues with it?on 3gs phones???which one is better iphone 4 or iphone 3gs?as i have to decide for which i go for as prices are almost same in mobily.plz. guide me in each aspect!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • There’s no such reception issue with regards to iPhone 3GS as far as i know. Which one is better? iPhone 4 ! Find time to read some threads and you’ll find it out yourself 🙂

  21. I been reading whats going on here and found something new for me….what is microsim? what it does? is this something similar to simcard but in smaller version? please advise thanks….

  22. Bought it day 1 from mobily’s Tahlia Branch and updated it to 4.1 and kissed FaceTime goodbye :'(

    Visited them this morning to check the problem and guess what the technician told me ?

    FaceTime ? You can download it from the App Store !!

    Me : No comment .

  23. Where is STC? 🙁

  24. hey Ray. Did you buy it from Dhahran Mall?


    • if you read the previous comments on this article you would know the answer already…

    • White iPhone haven’t released yet and yes, there’s an issue with the facetime if you update the firmware to iOS 4.1. It does work with iOS 4.0.1 and 4.0.2.

    • عبدالرحمن حجار

      Apple is having issues with the white iPhone. Even if you go to the US you won’t find it.

  26. I bought my iphone 4 frm singapore 3 weeks ago. My first iphone. Migrated frm blackberry. Easily best phone i have. Screen superb, stable, no drop call issue jeddah and Sg.. Android will take few more years before they have chance of taking no 1 spot.micro sim: just go to palestine st,jeddah. Which i did for both mobily and spore sim cards in spore..just remember to keep the remaining of the card so u can use yr sim card in normal phones…still on IOS 4.02 coz read frm net that 4.1 will drain batt quicker although im so itching.. Now facetimealso blocked if on 4.1

    • So could you confirm that by staying on iOS 4.02 facetime is still enabled?

    • I am thinking of buying one from Singapore via eBay.
      Any problems with FaceTime? How about the Death Grip issue?

    • no issue with death grip etc…in the shop which i bought 16 gb is S$1080, 32Gb now S$1180, used to be 1200, and 1380 respectively, . just type “mobile square far east plaza “for the shop’s website…or alternatively u can have someone to order direct from apple store (online) 32gb is only SGD 800 odd, but must wait 3 weeks accordingly.
      but the mobily prices are now much comparable using the exchange rate of 2.81, but if the forex drops to 2.6, then it is much cheaper in Sg. the only issue is whether facetime works for phones bought directly here, but if there is no issue whatsoever, just buy here in saudi man, save u the wait and trouble…

    • no issue with death grip etc…in the shop which i bought 16 gb is S$1080, 32Gb now S$1180, used to be 1200, and 1380 respectively, . just type “mobile square far east plaza “for the shop’s website…or alternatively u can have someone to order direct from apple store (online) 32gb is only SGD 800 odd, but must wait 3 weeks accordingly.
      but the mobily prices are now much comparable using the exchange rate of 2.81(weakened US dollar), but if the forex drops to 2.6, then it is much cheaper in Sg. the only issue is whether facetime works for phones bought directly here, but if there is no issue whatsoever, just buy here in saudi man, save u the wait and trouble…

    • Thank for the advice and information….
      I wanted to buy it from here but all these problems with FaceTime is driving me away from buying in Saudi.
      On eBay I found some 32 gb models selling for USD 999 inclusive of shipping. This is about SAR 700 more than local but I will never have to worry about apps not working.

      I also think that in early October the world prices will drop as the device becomes more readily avaibable.

  27. Yup confirm facetime is enabled om 4.02

    • Thanks for the heads up! But still expensive compared to Mobily though plus You’ll have a free microsim with 6 month 250mb data 😉

  28. can I use standard sim size with this new iphone4? thanks

  29. Anyone knows if there is still an available iPhone 4 Olayah?

  30. its is confirmed that the facetime is blocked for middel east only via the latest update, This has something to do with the BBS Ban which made a major stire in the KSA & UAE. If you want facetime try to aviod the update, But the update also rectifies some known bigs so upto you on what to do, face time or noissues. Well regarding the experience I was there at the Al-Ehsa (Pepsi Road Riyadh) but the phones were sold out 8 numbers before me :(, Jarir had also sold out all iphones in their showrooms even though the price was higher than Mobily

  31. STC on their facebook page is doing an Add. campaign for iPhone 4 launch..
    Submit an add. design get a chance to win an iPhone 4..
    Last date for entries Oct-6 ( so they will be launching only after 6th)

  32. anyone bought iphone 4 from dahran/khobar region? 

  33. Can anybody pls tell me the difference between buying from mobily and buying from jarir?(except data plan) Also if I take my sim to mobily will they change it into micro for me?

  34. There is no facetime

  35. Just got my iPhone 4 from Mobily Olaya.

  36. I got my iphone4 from King Abdullah outlet today after a wait for 4 and a half hors….Ooooooh……It is great….

  37. Anyone got their unit from Exit 15 branch (Riyadh)? Got my 3GS there last year and not from there MEGA Store where most of the time they don’t have stock

  38. I got mine just 2 days ago here in Makkah. Not yet updated coz I want to try FaceTime. No such thing as “Grip of Death”. I lost its signal from time to time but it has everything to do with Mobily signal strength in my area as the same thing happens with my Blackberry.

    • hi Eric,I am also in maakkah,could u give me your mobile no. as I hav to take some details from you regarding iphone 4……………………..

    • I’m not sure what you mean by taking some details of iPhone 4 but I guess you can find them here http://www.apple.com/iphone/specs.html

    • Thanx for repying but wanna to ask you did you find any fault with iphone 4?as reception problem with call dropping issues?is internet surfing smooth on ihone 4?which color?black?from which branch of makkah you purchased?
      waiting for your reply…………..

    • let’s just say I got it from someone who knows someone at Mobily office. otherwise they will always tell you to come and check again next week 🙂

  39. Guys, anybody has an idea about Sim adapter to reshape your mini sim card into normal simcard so that we can use our old simcard in iphone4 and any different phone aswell.

  40. On 25th sept i went to mobily’s branch in Amir majed street i asked their employee about the iphone 4 and guess what he just laughed at me by saying how come iphone4 can be here!?! (it seems as if he wanted to hide the truth) and said it will be maybe at the end of this month..
    I was so curious so i went to other branch and luckily the guy their was honest to tell that its available in Tahlia’s and some other mobily’s branches which was true. When i went to tahlia’s branch there wasn’t a single ad about the iphone4 they didnt wanted to beat the drum because they had very low stock and guess what i just got mine finally. Nice 🙂

  41. Guys, it seems that in Jeddah no branch has now iphone4 stock yesterday guy at Tehalia branch told me that they don’t have it in any branch.

  42. can you give me an idea how much the iphone-4 cost? i know the 32gb is around sr3099 but how about the lower memory? I really want to buy one for Christmas 🙂

  43. Any idea in Jeddah which branch has iphone4?

  44. hi i got my iphone 4 from mobily but iam using stc sim it showing signal and carrier name but when try to call or sms even 3g not supporting msg coming that no service found if any one knows plz reply 

  45. hi,
    I am facing singal problem with Mobily even after installing a back and side cover. I dunno if this is to do with mobily or something went wrong with iphone. Signal strength goes to zero and then I have to restart the phone. Should I set my carrier to auto or mobily manually. Please share if anyone of you have same issue. By the way facetime is not working on OS.4.0.1

  46. Everywhere Employees with NO SENSE, NO INFORMATION and NO iphone.

  47. I went to branches of Jarir Bookstore and Mobily here in Al Khobar and all of the branches of these stores don’t have stocks yet. And they don’t know when they we be having again… huhuhu… too bad!!!!

  48. If black iphone is not available how can you expect white one?

  49. I just changed the sim from mobily to Zain and it’s started working absolutely fine. No more signal or network lost issue. I guess the issue was with mobily sim

  50. any updates about the availability of iPhone 32g in the market????

  51. Well,,, after reading the whole tread I realized how are the mobily staff.

    Atleast in bakala you come to know what is available ? But not in Mobily store ???

    I am trying to get the Iphone since last 2 months and no results up to now. I am visiting the mobily store daily and even asked one guy to give his number. so that I call him.

    He replied ; That is against our policy.

    really Apple should have his own store here that would be much much better.


    • I heard its available in Jeddah Tehalia branch

    • Aref – Thanks for the precise information. I went that night to Tahliya store – Got Finished / I went to Andulas Estate also – Got Finished. I thought of going to Phalestine Store, but maked a preassuption that it is not possible to find.

      Its like leave the office and check the store every morning after afternoon and then you might get the IPhone 4.

      This same case happen when I tried to purchase IPhone 3 Gs, i got tried of going every night and hearing the same answer every time – Finished Maalish !.

      I end up with Nokia 5800, now I am trying to get IPhone 4G, I am facing the same experience.

      I feel that vasta is important here to get Iphone 4 lolz ..

    • yep .. it seems wasta is much more important …. i gave up after i made like 20 trips all the way to the mobily store .. the sad part was in front of my eyes there were people able to jump the numbers when it was available .. and no one to give any info … worst was that some people managed to take a bagful of iphones away … one particular day i was there for about 2 hours in the evening .. within that time they processed just 40 customers .. between the 8 counters … thats like 5 people per sales staff an hour .. are you telling me it takes 12 mins to sell an iphone

    • That doesn’t surprise me at all. The few times i have bought anything in mobily i have always been surprised by how bad the staff is, in fact I’m sure the store runners (the guys who pick up phones from storage area or make coffee) are more computer literate and better english speakers than the actual sales/customer service staff. One guy serving me didn’t know what month December was in number format (12), so he couldn’t enter my birthdate from my passport into their system (this was before I had my iqama). Another guy barely knew how to use a keyboard. It was excruciating to watch him spend 5 minutes just writing my name. 

  52. Hi guys! In the past 3 weeks, I have visited 6 different Mobily outlets across Riyadh for the iPhone 4, and still nothing!! Whenever I go to an outlet, I would ask them if they can check in their system which store has a stock, but they said they don’t have such a system. No kidding. In ALDO shoe store for instance, you can go to any branch and check which all stores have your desired shoe model and size in less than 5 minutes!! Wake up Mobily — it’s 2010!!! I went to the Mobily website just now and they finally put up a system where you register your mobile and email to get updates on iPhone 4 availability. I’m keepin my fingers crossed. You know what the saddest part is? I keep seeing all those Mobily ads screaming “we have iPhone 4” — I just feel like they’re mocking me. In fact, you can just go to their website and see this tagline “iPhone 4 – the wait is over” — Haha..well I’ve been waiting for over 3 weeks now so I suggest they change it to “iPhone 4 – do wait some more”. LOLZ!

    • i registered on that system a few days ago, but haven’t even received an email to confirm they received my registration so I suspect the system doesn’t work! I find it amazing that they are so crap at telling people where the stock is. I don’t care about Facetime not being available and would happily buy from Mobily, but I may just get one from the UK as it is easier and at least I would know when to expect it…. 

    • Hi JC. Same experience here. I registered myself at Mobily’s website and never got a confirmation SMS, or even an email. I tried at the STC website too (they have the same registration system for the iPhone 4) but, similarly, never got any confirmation. It’s really amazing how inefficient these 2 telcos are — and for such basic things! I could not help but hate Mobily and STC for this. Unfortunately, we are stuck with them and could only hope that they change their ways someday.
      Anyway, I might end up buying iPhone 4 in Mursalat, which is like 500 SAR higher than Mobily’s price. Last weekend, when I checked there, their iPhone 4 16GB was 3200 SAR (versus Mobily’s 2700 SAR price tag). Then the guy told me it’s on Mobily’s 1 year warranty, so I suspect these black-market dealers hagged the units from Mobily, and are just reselling them.

  53. i took it from Palestine street not from Mobily 10 days back, now i m very happy with my device having more than 300 apps, there is no complaints facetime is on and regularly connecting to itunes and update is done, i took it for Sr.3200 16GB, Gentlemen there is no hope from mobily because market is saturated and the chance is very less.


    • How can you confirm that Iphone 5 is gonna release .. any website leak ???

    • there are rumours from apple sources, no name fixed yet for the phone, but its lovingly called the iphone 5. Its a sensible reason to cancel the white launch too…..

  55. Ashraf, on top of what Ry just said. Its has been the trend that Apple will launch new iphone every year in summer. That’s their marketing strategy to suck our money….hehe

  56. Guys what about the availability of iphone in mobily? any update which store has the phone

  57. Has any one got iphone recently from mobily. From where. 

    • I got an iPhone 4 from Mobily Olaya last Sunday. I registered about 3 weeks ago at the Mobily website to get updates on iPhone availability. Finally, Friday night, they sent me an SMS saying they have it in limited stocks. I checked right away but they did not have it then yet. After 2 days, I just decided to drop by and voila, they have it! 🙂

  58. Guys what do they require (papers to be presented) when purchasing the iphone 4 postpaid bundles? Can anyone tell me what exact documents to purchase postpaid IPHONE 4?

  59. got my Iphone 4 in Singapore, cheaper and they can resize your old simcard to micro sim, and people in singapore seems to know what they are doing, not like here in Saudi, you ask them and they don’t know anything at all…

  60. hey people, lol so glad i dnt have 2 deal with the mobily employees coz here in london, the phne shops actually employ real humans and not wanna be pimps like mobily staff. Anyway, there’s a rumour tht the iphone 4 (white) is being sold in ksa? anybody here knw anything?

  61. I’ve been having problems connecting to 3g network, it shows it on the status bar but web pages dont open!!!! And i just got the iphone 4 prepaid with the 6 month free 3g bundle???? can anyone help me to make my 3g work?????

  62. Daniel, try check you “Setting>General>Network>Cellular Data Network”. Your APN is Web1 or Web2. It should be Web 2.

  63. It’s been approx. 4 months from the Launch of IPhone 4. I’ve visited two branches of Mobily in Al Khobar
    1) Rashid Mall Branch 2) Mobily Mega Store (King Abdullah Road) and as per them the IPhone 4 is not available in stock and they don’t give any exact day or date when it will be available. I called mobily help line and talked to a customer service rep. and as per him it’s available in all the branches mentioned on mobily website. When i informed him about my experience he asked me which branch i visited and what was the reply. And at the end he ended saying ” Sorry sir we can’t confirm the availability of IPhone 4. Our system can’t check where it’s available. You have to call the branch or visit the branch”. That is so unprofessional way of dealing.
    Anyone got any information about availability of IPhone in Al Khobar/ Dammam or Dhahran Branches?
    And what about STC? They’ve displaying add…Coming Soon from past 2 months? When is it coming…..i think they should plan to launch a new version of IPhone now and forget about IPhone 4.

  64. I’ve recently inquired about the availability of the iPhone 4 16GB version here in Al-Baatha area, the mobily rep told me that they have no available iPhone 4 stock and instead referred me to inquire at Sahara Mall. Could you guys confirm if the iPhone 4 16GB version is available there? I’ve been looking for this version all over al-baatha area and so far cell phone stores in Electron are the only one selling these units and are taking advantage of the situation by selling the iPhone 4 16GB at a very high price (around SAR 3,300). I also emailed/inquired at iTechia (Faisaliah branch) and they are selling the iPhone 4 16Gb at a much higher price(SAR 4,000+), (SAR 3,999) at JarirBookstore (Pepsi Road).

    I would appreciate it very much if you can direct me to a mobily store where this units are available at the officially suggested price.

    Many Thanks.

  65. No facetime on my newly bought iphone 4 from mobily. Version is 4.3.1 . Can anybody help

  66. Just try to make a call to regular phone while you are on a wifi zone, and check on setting if the facetime is activated

  67. What is the per minute national call charges when ur free minutes on ur iphone 4 bundles expires. anybody has an idea ?

  68. Hi, I got mine just last week at there Main Branch at King Abdullah here in RIyadh (beside Last Chance). I got Plan 89 coz the staff said that the Plan 389 are for ths VIP only or I think the RAQI Subscriber. I am satisfied with the plan but have to give SR 2299 for the device and SR 89 for the first month of subscription. There is no Facetime for their version of iPhone but its not a big deal coz I got Skype on it now and in YM also you can do Video Calling. It is free on wifi but if you use the video calling in 3g i guess thats what you have to pay. According to their website it is SR 0.8 local only. For more info on video call service just visit their site. I just wonder when I checked my account is the SMS replied to me is that i am “subscribed to iPhone4 32GB Postpaid 99 and my monthly subscription fee is 189”. I think I need to pay a visit on the store to make clear of this message. Does anyone have this comment too, kindly if you can share what did MOBILY staff replied to you.

  69. very bad experience, New Iphone is faulty under Mobily waranty, waiting for replacement from 10 Jul 11,

  70. ed un gran gioco Riguardo agli sparatutto su braini, sono un modo pi sicuro per vendere videogiochi. E’ pi difficile fare un gioco di successo come RE4 in terza persona e venderlo ad un pubblico vasta. Per fortuna il porting di RE4 ha venduto di pi di REUC e spero che questo dia coraggio a Capcom per fare giochi simili a RE4 per wii, non necessariamente un porting di RE5 o Re6. ritornando a UC, penso sia un gioco divertente, non ai livelli di RE, ma cmq un buon gioco.


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