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Saudi Telecom Company to sell iPhone 4

Confirming what we exclusively published over 2 months ago: Saudi Telecom Company (STC) will be selling the iPhone 4 officially in Saudi Arabia (not to be confused with SALE-CO).

The confirmation came as a post on the STC Facebook page announcing a contest for a free iPhone.

The announcement said: “What could you do, if we told you that STC is going to offer iPhone 4 very soon, and that we are going to give away 1 iPhone 4 for the best ad design and offer that comes along?

You are the planner, come up with the best plan for the iPhone, free minutes, free SMSs, free browsing, or anything else that you see will suit peoples’ needs, of course it has to be logical 😉

We are going to wait your designs and offers, and there is a huge chance that the winner design could be used as the official STC ad for the iPhone 4 when it hits the market.

The competition will last until Wednesday the 6th of October 3:00 PM, and the winner will be announced on Saturday the 9th of October noon time. 🙂

There is no problem whatsoever if you decided to enter the competition with more than one design.

All designs should be uploaded to the page’s wall.

To get the STC logo in a high-resolution format, follow this link: http://i55.tinypic.com/34q4oxe.jpg

Quick tip: don’t forget to tag your friends to the photo once you upload it, this might increase the chance of your design winning you an iPhone 4 😉

Good luck ;)”.

STC is most likely going to release the iPhone 4 on the week of October 2 2010.

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  1. good news…i wish those units won’t have facetime problem…like mobily..

  2. This is good news, lets see how Mobily will cope with this competition… and how will STC change the iPhone buying experience in Saudi Arabia, hope it will not be worse.

  3. this is a good one,we dont need to rely on mobily and their brilliant cutomer service

  4. STC offer locked or unlocked.Any guess

  5. STC will offer locked or unlocked.Any guess

  6. Yey, will wait for STC then. Mobily will surely lost a lot of iPhone4 buyers due to their supply problem.

  7. but why apple had not mentioned STC on their iphone support page


  8. “its better to be late than never”

    this is really a good news for all iPhone fans.
    Now, there be a competitor of the Mobily in the market and the customer can expect improved support [than before 😉 ]

    @ahmad: yes! STC still not in the list. might b added soon

    and special thanx to KHALED for providing us back channel news 🙂

  9. My guess is that they will announce it 12 hours before oct 2 same like mobily did 😉 what do you think?

  10. Any news yet??

  11. Hmm r v even sure this is true?? I personally have NO idea who this “Reliable Source” is so….I am still in doubt. 😀 I will believe it when it comes….and hopefully dats soon

  12. i wonder if STC will still release iphone 4…. i hope they will and i hope it will be sooner.


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