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Saudi Telecom Company (STC) iPhone 4 Prices

These are the iPhone 4 prices from Saudi Telecom Company (STC), according to a trusted source. It should be clear that STC and “SALE-CO” showrooms are different even though they both have the “STC” name.

If these prices are true then it’s a better overall offer than Mobily’s (Mobily’s minutes covers all networks though).

The bundles available are:

Basic – Essential

• Monthly subscription: 89 SR
• Local minutes: 75
• SMS messages: 75
• Data usage: 250 MB
• Initial payment for iPhone 4 32GB: 2,299 SR
• Initial payment for iPhone 4 16GB: 1,899 SR
• Initial payment for iPhone 3GS 8GB: 1,499 SR

Extra – Classical

• Monthly subscription: 249 SR
• Local minutes: 350
• SMS messages: 300
• Data usage: 500 MB
• Initial payment for iPhone 4 32GB: 599 SR
• Initial payment for iPhone 4 16GB: 199 SR
• Initial payment for iPhone 3GS 8GB: free.

Premium – Excellence

• Monthly subscription: 369 SR
• Local minutes: 500
• SMS messages: 300
• Data usage: 2 GB and 5 MB roaming
• Initial payment for iPhone 4 32GB: 149 SR
• Initial payment for iPhone 4 16GB: free.
• Initial payment for iPhone 3GS 8GB: free.

Commitment for 12 months.


• Data usage: 250 MB
• Initial payment for iPhone 4 32GB: 2,899 SR
• Initial payment for iPhone 4 16GB: 2,489 SR
• Initial payment for iPhone 3GS 8GB: 2,059 SR

iPhone 4 16GB
The iPhone will cost 2,599 SR with the following bonus for 6 months:
• 50 free minutes within the network
• 50 free SMS
• 500 free megabytes of jawalnet (STC’s 3G Internet service)

iPhone 4 32GB
It will cost 2,999 SR with the following bonus for 6 months:
• 75 free minutes within the network
• 75 free SMS
• 1 free gigabyte of jawalnet

STC is expected to release the iPhone 4 in Saudi Arabia next week.

However we are still waiting for an official confirmation from Apple by adding STC to the Apple (Saudi Arabia) website. It’s also very strange that STC removed their iPhone 4 ad contest that they posted yesterday on their Facebook page.

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  1. I believe that these are prepaid packages offered by stc

    • i dont mind buying it from STC   for a cheaper price and  use mobily’s SIM card would it work?

    • if u want to use mobilys sim after buying from STC then you should hack it, which will cost you extra!! which means you cant use other sim cards without doing the above! so if u want to use mobily then ite better to buy from mobily…

  2. ya, its very strange or they just cancel the contest…i have uploaded 3 pictures. I hope i will be the winner….

  3. I really want this want but I am convinced that these will go faster then mobily’s and I can’t be there until atleast 6p.m, So I’ll just go and buy from jarir today :S 

  4. Are the iPhone 4s from STC also unlocked or not?


  6. is there any special registration to ensure that i can grab one?

  7. Let’s hope they’ll have an iPhone service that any iPhone user can sign up for. Kinda like the blackberry service. I’m mainly talking about data plans. 

  8. These would be even more cheaper than Mobily. Seriously I always coudnt figure out why Mobily coudnt break the Monopoly.
    I believe STC cann offer extended warranties or something BUT once it gets its authorization from APPLE. I woud’nt trust anyone else than Mobily because I am an end user and I trust Apple and who they trust.

    • “I woud’nt trust anyone else than Mobily because I am an end user and I trust Apple and who they trust.”

      I don’t get you – STC is getting these devices from Apple, not from some dodgy guy in Batha.

  9. I wonder if they too will have FaceTime Disabled.
    That is about SAR 750 less expensive than what is available on eBay.

    So the question remains is FaceTime worth SAR 750.

    • FaceTime is disabled (or not installed) by Apple. This issue has been reported for almost all Apple iPhone distributores in ME. I personally thing it’s because telcos like Etisalat wanted VoIP disabled, so Apple went ahead and disabled it for the whole region.
      Apple has committed to distributing it as a patch in near future.
      I think it’s definitely worth SR 750!

    • I think I will just get it from Singapore and skip all this hassle.
      Too bad it would have been great to save SAR 750.

  10. strange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stc bringing iphone 4 less expensive than mobily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. It’s like this: first Mobily starts selling iPhones for cheaper money that you would pay in the UK or Australia. Then STC comes along and undercuts them because they’ve made a better deal with Apple.
    In any other country what Mobily did (and what STC is doing) would be hardly legal, as it’s considered “dumping”. In other words, they are making a loss in order to undercut each other.
    It’s good for customers though!

    • I am guessing that you’re also a customer benefiting from this “dumping” so I don’t see any point from this post of yours

  12. Okay, it’s gonna be available tomorrow? Please inform where is the STC main branch (in Riyadh) and what’s the time of the release? Thanks!

  13. So, is STC launching today or what?

  14. How much is it in Jarir?

  15. STC has officially failed to launch the iphone4 despite , claiming to launch on the 2nd of October . Notch this to a a string of other failures and cons , can only make Mobily look better than it really in the public eye…

  16. i just called stc they told me i phone still did not lunch

  17. i just called stc 902 they told me i phone 4 still did not launch** when is it gonna launch exactly anyone??

  18. Damn. I paid 3600 Riyal for iPhone4.

  19. is this unlocked also? Where can I buy iPhone 4 in al khobar area? Thanx

  20. The iPhone will cost 2,599 SR with the following bonus for 6 months ???????wat will hppen after 6 months will we have to retur the phone

  21. are all iphone 4 units here in KSA unlocked?

    • yes of course unless you bought it thru mobily or aljawal it will be locked only to them exclusively. If you buy it from mobily you can’t use it to Aljawal.

    • hi carl,,,maybe you a friend working at Mobily or STC that i can contact with, because im tired visited thier store withour bringing the phone…tnx anyways,,,

  22. I bought Iphone 4 32 GB unlock/open line in Al-khobar priced at SR 3,600 but the problem is I only have an STC regular simcard. Is STC micro sim available already?

  23. so much for stc’s promise =/

    still nothing..

  24. i want to buy i phone 4 in stc, but im thinking if i want to go back to my country, i can use the unit also using the line from my country?

  25. All KSA iphones are unlocked, check apple website. Facetime can be activated but only if your phone is jailbroken, No need to pay extra, just for that. Got Facetime on my iphone 4 🙂

    • Hey Zemmie and Everyone,

      Today i purchased an iphone4 32gb from JARIR BOOKSTORE in Jubail for SAR 2,849. I didn’t ask if it is sim locked or not before buying it. Because they used to sell factory unlocked ones earlier. Later on i called them and asked if this is sim locked to STC cause they are giving a free STC card with it, and there is a sticker on the box saying that it is prepaid.  They told me that it’s not sim locked and i can use it with every sim card. But i could not believe them entirely and now i read about this facetime problem. Does anyone has any information if it is factory unlocked and has no problem with facetime? I didn’t open the seal of the box yet, i may return it back..

      It took a little long to explain but i’d appreciate your answer.


  26. hi everyone.. i will buy iphone 4 32 gb on my off after the holiday here at Hofuf / Al-Ahsa area. I am wondering, 3399SR, price in Extra, is it okay? i mean is that expensive? i forgot to ask if it’s open line.. maybe it is? u think the price is okay? thanks a lot in advance!

    • Don’t buy it at that price..it’s definately a rip off! I can sell it at 2999 s.r. if you want. A bit more expensive than the U.S. due to the cost of shipping!

  27. what time we can buy iphone4 in stc? face time ?

  28. i want iphone 4 32gb in white colour kindly tell me the rate and from where i can buy it……….i am in jeddha

  29. i want boy a iphone4 from STC alkhobar weare find the shop

  30. i want boy a iphone4 from STC Alkhobar where im find the shop

  31. where in riyadh can i buy iphone 4g at a lowest price. Im planing to buy in jarir but too much expensive.. Or here in dammam? Do you kn0w any place where i cn buy it. The unlock ones? Pls help me guys!

  32. im near in jubail. Is there any store there where i cn buy ipon4 unlocked? If i wil in stc is it 100% sure unlockd so dat i cn use it wen i go back in my c0untry? Any1 pls do reply nd help..

  33. Is it possible that stc is gona sale the new iPhone 4 that verizon is gona release on the same day that stc announce 
    Cus the iPhone 4 by verizon can work on +HSPA that mean its faster on browseing 

  34. yes that is very true STc has launched the Iphone 4. but i am afraid to tell you guys that when i went to the tahliya branch on the day of thier release they said to me its only allowed for saudis and that comment really jolted me. i felt like i was the one asking them, Can i get it freee please…

    he was indeed a racist person..

  35. there is a software jailbreak which u can use any sim

  36. is there any requirement if i want to get the iphone 4 with monthly charges

    • i went 3 times to dahran road stc offiece.onece they told only sell in the morning.the next day they told out of stock of black and only available white. the next day i went and ask i phone with a guy who gave coupen ,he said i phone4 MAAFI. i ask him is it finnish or what? he told me khalaas.i had ask agsain.he said khalaaaas with angry.some of staffs behaving rude with customers.

  37. It is somehow annoying that Aljawal technical support could not or would not send the setting of iPhone4 if you are a prepaid subscriber. I was subscribe in Blackberry service and lately switched to iPhone4, I loaded SAR100 so i could make an overseas call in the morning. But STC automatically took the SR 99.00, and I could not even use STC’s 3G or EDGE in receiving and sending e-mails or even browsing, I am prompted that the iPhone cannot connect to the internet.

  38. @khaled A. I want to ask you about the price of UNLOCKED iphone 4 in Saudi Arabia,

  39. Hi! we desperately want to take the STC iphone plan. we went to granada mall stc for a couple of times but they keep on saying that its not available. where can we exactly get that plan & when? thanks! hoping to hear from u soon

  40. hello guys i need your help i buy i phone 4 for stc suddenly im using my best friend  iqama Wat will be happed they will deduct  in his personal account if hi using stc sim card. i need you help plsss 

  41. hello guys i need your support  plss help i dont have any idea for this promotion of iPhone 4 in stc price of 1899 they have monthly bill this one after you take the cell. and if i using my friend guarantor  like taking his iqama and im using the cell wat will be happed 

  42. i want premium excellence pakage.
    How ti get it and from where ?


  43. im from philippines if my dad buy a iphone 4s there for prepaid only can he use a credit card. theres more is the iphone is free to use here in philippines


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