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Notifications the way you like it, NotifyMe 2 review

Category: Productivity.
App Name: NotifyMe 2.
Devices: iPhone/iPod touch. iPad version is now available for $9.99 but for Black Friday $4.99
Developer: PoweryBase.
Price: $5.99.
Link: www.notifymecloud.com.

If you are looking for a push reminder app for your iPhone with quick entry, great interface and powerful functionality then NotifyMe 2 is your choice.

The app comes in a nicely designed interface, simple steps 1,2,3 you are set, and yet a powerful one that allow you to sync your reminders over the cloud, best of all it is a FREE cloud syncing service.

I like the way it handles ‘repeating’ feature with great flexibility and wide range of choices that fit your needs.

Sharing is there makes it easy for you to share reminders with family members or friends as it syncs over the cloud. The app allow you to edit/add categories and attach icons to your created categories. Attaching notes to your reminder is just as easy as the whole experience.

If you are looking for a simple yet powerful reminder app, then you will enjoy this one.

For the iPad, the company is beta testing their app which has a great interface as you can see here:

Below are some of the features highlighted by the company:

• Straightforward interface optimized for quick usage
• Create a task (reminder) in just 2 or 3 taps.
• New reminder screen directly on startup (configurable) with auto-keyboard
• Cloud based with NotifyMeCloud user account
• Web access at notifymecloud.com
• Note for reminders
• Snoozing
• Automatic repeating
• Sound notification, 9 available reminder melodies
• Custom categories
• Time zone shifting support for frequent travelers

I hope I was able to highlight some of the nice features of this app, wishing you all the best and happy Eid all.

App Store link

Dr. Mahmoud H. Al-Johani
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  1. Thanks for your great review, been using the app since a while and it’s the best in its category in my opinion.

    Just want to point out something in the article: you wrote “FREE cloud syncing service” yes it is free BUT you are not getting it unless you buy the app.


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