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New iPod touch & iPod nano ads

Apple has released 2 new advertisements for their latest iPod touch and iPod nano.

iPod touch is titled “All kinds of fun” and showcases the iPod touch HD video recording capability, gaming and FaceTime.

The iPod nano ad is titled “New way to nano”.

The ads are available on the Apple iPod page.

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  1. when is it be available in Jeddah?ty & God Bless 🙂

  2. how much would it cost in SAR from 8gb-64gb?any idea Boss’..TY

  3. are you planning to buy an iPod touch, Khaled A.? and if yes, where will you buy it?

  4. yea the 8GB it abt 920S.R and im gettin the 32 GB soon isA as soon as its released in KSA

  5. it will be released by the end of octobar or at the start of november sure 100% …..

  6. is it in riyadh ??


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