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iPhone 4 to be sold in Saudi Arabia tomorrow, Mobily finally announced

We should have known that Mobily would do what GTA did in Guam and announce the official release of the iPhone 4 at a very late time. Only less than 12 hours until Mobily showrooms open tomorrow.

Mobily posted a brief message on their Facebook page (Arabic only) announcing that they will begin selling the iPhone 4 tomorrow Saturday September 25.

The announcement said that the iPhone 4 will be available in “all main branches” and for more information you can visit Mobily’s website. Currently Mobily’s site still mentions the iPhone 3GS.

No word about pricing unfortunately. We will keep you up to date with the latest news about the official iPhone 4 release in Saudi Arabia.

Expected prices (thanks Thamir): 3,099SR for 32GB and 2,699SR for 16GB.

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  1. Mr. Khaled, I heard from TUAW that facetime is disabled in UAE.
    How about here in KSA? The iphone 4 from Mobily tomorrow, is it also UNLOCK , same as
    3GS lAst Year? Thanks

  2. /Users/Pc/Desktop/facetimeuaeno.We just got confirmation on our story earlier this week that FaceTime had gone missing in parts of the world, mostly around the Middle East. @dutweets is the official Twitter account for du, the telecom operator for the iPhone in the United Arab Emirates, and in a tweet just a little while ago, the account confirmed that FaceTime is currently unavailable in that country. The iPhone hasn’t even officially launched there yet, but the account also says that FaceTime “won’t be working as of the launch” (which takes place tomorrow), so even official customers there won’t have access to the video chat feature.
    Unfortunately, there’s no detail yet on why — we’ve heard that there may be local restrictions on VoIP technology that would block these kinds of communications. And this is only confirmation for the UAE, though it’s probably a pretty good guess that other outages are legit as well. Stay tuned — we’ll keep an eye out for official confirmation in other areas, as well as a reason why this decision was made.

  3. Those prices seems a bit higher than I thought! It seems like they are the prices of the iPhone only (with no contract), am I right?!

    The question is now…….STC, where the F are you?!

  4. It says here that the price is 2699 SR for the 16 gig and 3099 for the 32 gig models.

  5. Can somebody please confirm if the Saudi iPhone 4s will be unlocked officially? or Locked to Mobily???

  6. Khaled, how sure are you that STC will be bringing out the iPhone 4? As far as I know, they didn’t announce anything about it. Or am I mistaken?

    I’m only asking because some folks would wait for this, only to find out that STC won’t be and then long and behold, stocks of Mobily’s iPhone 4 will ran out. 🙁

  7. At last! it’s worth the price! hope it won’t be out of stock tomorrow 🙁

  8. How come this is possible?

    I wont believe it until I get this in my hand by end day.

  9. They changed the mobily Iphone page. Somehow it mentions Iphone 4 but still with Iphone 3gs picture. The bundles have been updates as per the Iphone 4 prices.

    • Also, they are still offering iPhone 3G instead of the 3GS as 8GB 😉 really odd, its like their not prepared for this 🙂

  10. Checked the mobily store on Andalus street in Jeddah. They “claim” they are not selling the iphone 4 at any of their stores until monday at the earliest. Typical false advertising or misinformed employees or likely both.

    Has anyone else had any luck in Riyadh or at the Tahlia store in Jeddah?

  11. Help me to confirm if it now available here in Jeddah (Thalia)..


  12. Got mine from Mobily Tahlia in Jeddah. Wait time was almost 3 hours.

    Facetime setting is set to on, but haven’t tested it yet.

  13. Is the iphone 4 bundle 299 and 399 available for new subscribers or for Raqi VIP customers only?

  14. Can you guys suggest where i can buy the iphone 4 in Riyadh? I tried looking in Al-Batha area and mobily rep told me that its out of stock at the moment, is this true?

    I would really appreciate it very much if you can direct me to what mobily store the iphone 4 is available.


  15. Hi friends,In KSA the prices are too high for IPhone4,I dont no why.


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