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Mobily iPhone 4 launch “event” photos – Update 1

Here are some photos taken by readers and published on Twitter of the Mobily iPhone 4 launch in Saudi Arabia.

“No iPhone”

Thanks Amjad for these demo iPhone 4 at Mobily photos:

Thanks Amir Homodi for taking this photo in Tahliah branch/Jeddah:

Feel free to share your photos by replying to this post.

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  1. can anybody translate what the sticky notes said? thnx

  2. Mobily experience sucks! 🙂 Nice one!

  3. So is it actually available or not? If its not how come theres so many people??

  4. to Mr. khaled do you have any idea about the launch?is it true that iphone 4 is already available? thanks

  5. This is the dumbest iPhone launch in the world!!!
    I went there in the morning to two different branches n I got out of there with no information, even the employee has no idea when is the launch… “he said Monday btw”
    Later on after donor prayer they launched it..
    What kind of a company is this
    I hope Saudimac report this to apple, maybe this is one good reason to minion to apple why they should open apple store in KSA.

  6. Got mine from Mobily tahlia branch in jeddah.

    facetime is supposedly working (setting says “ON”) but haven’t had time to test it yet.

    They say that the post-paid plans are not available because the system is prepared for them yet, so only pre-paid is available.

  7. very disappointing..

  8. just came from thalia branch riyadh. i came there at 5pm. i saw some guys got their iphone 4. i waited for 45 minutes, when its my turn they its finished, try again on monday….so unlucky…

  9. Just got my from the Khobar branch. Waited for 10 Min after Isha and got my new iphone 4 16Gb. Excellent service from Mobily as they were very fast for the first time. Activation took a merely of 5 min.

    Facetime’s working perfectly. Got a STC microsim and works just perfectly. Postpaid plans are not yet available. 

  10. I just came from tehlia mobily.32GB is OOS 🙁

  11. so.. is the iP4 locked or unlocked? Im a Zain user… can it be purchased?

  12. It wasn’t as bad as I expected, even though I waited for almost 2 hours (good thing it was inside the store and not camping outside)

    The iPhone 4 from Mobily is unlocked. I popped in a new STC micro sim and the phone works the only big PROBLEM is the 3G internet.

    QUESTION: are the settings for the iPhone 4’s 3G network the same as the 3GS??!! (Because in my case there is no 3G at all, even though the SIM is a 3G micro SIM)
    Mr. Khaled, would you kindly write a post about this issue.


  13. any updates abt the availability in khobar eastern region?

  14. Anyone knows if there is still an available iPhone 4 Mobily Olayah?

  15. Yesterday I went to King Fahad branch in Riyadh, they told me to go to king Abdullah street (near last chance) I went there after 6:30pm and door was locked from inside and many people waiting inside. they opened the door after Isha. till then there were more than 200 people outside. all rushed in only to hear announcement that “No iPhone” they asked us to visit again on saturday 🙁

    • Guess we all have to wait for STC then 🙂 ..   I haven’t been to mobily olayah though so im not sure if there are still iPhone available there.

    • Just got a confirmation from a friend, he went yesterday to mobily olaya and they’re out of stock.

  16. I think STC will only concentrate on BB and they will not lauch iPhone?? But I am not sure. By the way today Jarir Book Store reduce the iPhone 4 price (iPhone 4 – 16GB = 2999SAR and 32GB=3399SAR)
    … on the home page you will see new price but if u browse to the category of smart phones it is still showing old price (4099SAR and 4499SAR)…..

  17. where is my picture…?

  18. any guess when the phoen will be available again in Mobily?

  19. yesterday i bought my iphone in mobily here in al khobar infront of saco..


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