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Mobily iPhone 4 bundle prices – updated

Here are the official iPhone 4 prices in Saudi Arabia available from Mobily.

Update on 22 February 2011: Mobily has reduced the prices, here are the new prices for iPhone 4.

Note: When Apple released the iPhone 4 they canceled the iPhone 3GS 32 and 16GB models, replacing them with an iPhone 3GS 8GB as a low-end option.

iPhone 4 32 GB

iPhone 4 16 GB

iPhone 3GS 8 GB

Here are the expected bundle prices for Mobily’s iPhone 4.

Thanks Ryan.

3 billed plans, 99/299/399. It’s exactly the same as the iPhone 3GS, except it’s 100SR more expensive than last year’s iPhone 3GS. Not impressive.

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  1. If I buy the prepaid version, what happens after the end of 6 months? Can I get a new data plan?

    Can someone please help me?

  2. which branch should i go..if im here in Sheraton Hotel Corniche?can anyone help me pls 🙂 TY

  3. I believe the Postpaid 299 and 399 and only for Raqi customers. Please confirm because I need more than 500 minutes every month and if this plan is available to all, I would definitely go for Postpaid 399.

    • Yes it is for Raqi customers only! I tried to apply last year for the 399 plan since Im spending more than 700SR for my calls/sms to Philippines but it is only for VIP customers 😉

    • I had the some experience last time. Guess no change this time as well 🙁

  4. Can someone verify if the iPhone 4s with Mobily are unlocked or not? TY

  5. Indeed! But with this pricing, grey markets wil definitely decrease. But where is STC? 🙁

  6. Is bumber case included or available for purchase?

  7. Can someone please answer the following questions (if he knows,i will expect answers from Mr. Khalid).1. Is Mobily Iphone4 is locked or unlocked (factory not software). 2.what will happend after six month for prepaid package.3.can Mobily transfer my current normal sim into micro-sim becuase i want to keep my number.

    • (a) I believe its unlocked like the 3G and 3Gs. However, it can only be confirmed after someone purchases and checks it.
      (b) After 6 months, your Prepaid SIM will just become the normal prepaid sim and you will lose the data bundle, which you will have to then get it separately.
      (c) Yes, of course, you can keep the same number and mobily will give you micro-sim of the same number to be used with your iphone4.

  8. God damn I just noticed. The prepaid bundle price for 32 GB turns out at GBP 523 @ 1 pound sterling = 5.93 SR.

    Turns out to be even cheaper using an exchange rate of 1pound=6 SR (GBP 518).

    Is it strange? I see Arbitrage!

  9. I today went to mobily both andalus n tahleya branch n they didn’t have the iphone yet! :s

    • Went to the Andalus branch in Jeddah and they said no stores will have the phone until monday at the earliest. Just more false advertising.

  10. I went tehlia one today ,the guy told me to come after zuhar prayer.still not clear that they will start selling or not after zuhar.

  11. to moncerth have you tried checking thwe mobily outlet in riyadh?is iphone 4 available?thanks

    • Not yet Im still in the office maybe afterwards, still looking for forums if its confirmed unlocked then I would probably go later tonight. Anyone else who went to Riyadh branches and got their unit? Please share your experiences. Thanks!

    • thanks moncerth..anyone here knows how can i go to mobily main office?can you tell me any ladmark?is it before or after faisaliah tower or kingdom tower?sorry to ask coz really am far away from riyadh…according to mobilys website it is located in King Abdullah St. betn. King A. Aziz & Olaya, near Last Chance Mall…but really i dont know the place…lol

  12. Anyone went to thahlia store after zohor? Is it available?pleas share

  13. Got a 32gb from Mobily Tahlia in Jeddah.

    But only the pre-paid plan is available as they say their system is unable to process the post-paid plans.

    Also i just heard from a family member at 5:30pm that they only have the 16gb ones left now.

  14. Got 32GB from Riyadh Olaya office. Thanks to a few nice people I am now able to witness the beauty of IPHONE4. However there is a rule at Mobily atm- “one service per ticket”. so if you are planning to purchase iphone 4 and port ur number to microsim in one go, you cant. you’ll have to wait for another ticket.

  15. i have a question im currently in the US, and im thinking about getting the 32 GB for $699, problem is the salesperson at apple said it would still be unlocked to AT&T and i have to jailbreak and unlock it and he actually doesnt recommend doing that… plus im scared of the jailbreak and unlock process… then theres the one from mobily.. which i just dont get, you see i have an stc sim card and obviously i’ll be getting the prepaid one but whats this 6 months contract thing can someone explain to me? and from what im reading over here the device is actually not available right now; people have basically waited for nothing..

    so what do u suggest should i just get it from the US and unlock it or wait for the mobily one? please help me guys as im traveling back home soon..

    • Don’t Jail break your iPhone4. Buy it from Saudi and have it used all over the world.

    • you think so?? may u please tell me why.. i mean whats the worst thing that happens when u jail break it … is it about the warranty?
      thank u so much for your reply 🙂

  16. Can you help me?? What are the requirements for these bundles?? Because I want to apply for an iPhone 4 32GB.. Please reply… Thank you

  17. Can you help me?? What are the requirements for these bundles?? Because me and my buddy want to apply for an iPhone 4 32GB.. Please reply… Thank you.

    • Well if youre a Saudi you just need your ID and the amount under which plan you will take. Iqama for non-Arab nationality. Also, you need to pay in advance your monthly bill. Hope this help!

    • Thank you for the reply Moncerth.. So what if I applied for the Postpaid 99 for iphone 4 32GB, so I’ll pay 2550SR and a monthly 99SR? until 12months??? What if I have paid my 6 months and i have remaining six months of course, but I was about to have a vacation, will I pay the remaining balance for 6 months before I go for vacation???

    • I suggests you buy the prepaid instead 😉 will save you alot and will be practical for you IMO 😉

    • thanks a lot moncerth.. If i buy the prepaid, can I change the sim card to stc after I bought the iphone4?? or i’ll just wait after 6 months?? Hope you reply again.. ^_^

    • yes you can since its officialy unlocked though you’ll be wasting your free 6 month 250mb of data

    • Is it monthly 250mb of data for six months?? or 250mb for the whole six months?? Again, thank you Moncerth…

    • It is monthly 250mb of data for six months

    • Do you have any problem regarding the “signal-loss issue” on your iphone4??? Hope you reply again…

  18. I went to main store in King Abdullah street and they said that they dont have the iPhone 4. Sept 26 at 8 pm. Is that true?

  19. can someone tell me what’s mean if it blouked or not ..? and i want to ask if the 6 months ended is that serfice end ..? ,,, and why the price to low compared with jarir or any library ..? sorry i asking soo much ^_^

  20. Salam, I went earlier today to Granada branch in Riyadh, but he told me that the 399 and 299 plans for IPHONE 32GB is not available, I don’t know but I felt something fishy going on, please confirm!!

  21. This is BS !!
    I got my iphone 4 from Dubai Unlocked ! Went to Mobily to get the 399SR bundle. They tell me I cannot get the 299 nor the 399 !! WTF ??! Why is it advertised on their website then ?? I asked then what bundle can I get. He tells me the 99 but I’ll have to pay for a new iphone !! This is ridiculous ! And STC doesn’t even have a bundle for iphones yet… I feel my iphone is useless in SAudi… I now have a normal package from STC which costs me 0.25 SR per min and per meg. My last month bill reached 1200 SR 🙁

  22. salam i want to buy i phone 4 g 16 gb but cant find it which branch in madinah i find it plz tel me…


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