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Mazen’s Fitness & Health App List

A friend of mine asked me about health & fitness apps I use on my iPhone, and since I am going to get a new iPod touch, I thought I share the list of those apps with all of you.

Sure, there are some apps I like and use when I go to the gym. Some of them are for weight lifting to keep logs and some are for my cardio, while others are to track my food and caloric consumption.

Mazen’s Favorite Fitness & Health App List:

1- All-In-Fitness: This app also offers video instructions, which could be very helpful.

2- SIMGYM: You can sync with the SimGym website to monitor your progress, you can also load workouts from the site.

3- ITGO: (I use the Japanese Tabata workout system now) and this app helps a lot especially if you need something to switch your music playlist depending on your workout intensity.

4- lolo: haven’t tried this one yet, but it looks promising, so will write a post after I try it out.

5- Lose it: This app has been there for some time, and it simply works if you use it daily, amazing when you really want to lose weight. Oh and it is free.

Now you see why I need an iPod touch for the gym, in the past I use my nano with a GymBoss timer combo, but I want to use one device to do both jobs and log my info at the same time, instead of carrying a paper and pen as well. (there is a GymBoss app on the app store, but I didn’t like the UI).

Another downside to the GymBoss+iPod nano is that when you do Tabata, you shift from High Speed Intensity to Low Intensity, and if the music doesn’t shift according to your intensity, you tend to lose your focus.

So now that Ramadan is almost over, it is time to gear up and get ready to shed the weight you gained during this month.

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