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iPod nano with a multi-touch screen

The second iPod that Apple CEO Steve Jobs revealed was the iPod nano. Apple changed the form factor to be a square iPod and using the screen as an interface for the device. Apple did take away features such as video playback and recording, but to get to that size they probably had to.


• smaller and lighter
• VoiceOver
• FM radio
• 29 languages, Arabic included
• Multi-touch screen
• Pedometer

Prices: $149 for 8GB and $179 for 16GB.

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  1. wooooow

    soooo smallllllll nice *_^

    it’s amazing


    i hope buy this ipod

  2. Yeeehey!
    What a nice model, aside from being cute it’s complete with video (very clear display and excellent musice ) and you can us it as a wrist watch , touch screen too. Superb!…It’s feature is very impressive… Best suits for youthful taste and trend buy it for your love one’s too to make them very happy…


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