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Du Confirms that FaceTime is unavailable in UAE

As posted on the Arabic edition (thanks Mike) and TUAW posted it as well. It has been confirmed: FaceTime will not work in the UAE!

Du has confirmed that in a twitter message:

We have no confirmation if this was a decision by Apple, the carriers or the UAE TRA.

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  • Hamed

    why would Apple disable such important feature  for users in certain countries?
    when we buy an iPhone 4, we pay for its full price with all advertised new features.
    If this is true that Apple has stopped this feature,  then It is very irritating and unjustified action by Apple.

    • Saleh

      The only logical reason as to why this is happening is that it will significantly reduce the demand on 3G video calls and conferencing. It rises a question of why they didn’t ban VoIP services such as Skype?

  • Theron Colas

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