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A bundle of 6 Mac Apps for $10

Bundleecious is having their second bundle of Mac software (here’s the details about the first one).

The bundle includes the following Applications:

• Awaken (original price $10) – Alarm clock with iTunes integration.
• Cinch (original price $7) – Window management.
• iDatabase (original price $29) – Database management.
• Punakae (original price $25) – organize files using tags.
• Elemedia Player PRO (original price 20$) – Plays media files including VLC and RM.
• Protect Files (original price 29$) – Encrypt files, free for the first 1,000 purchases.

This Bundleecious bundle end on September 19th 2010.

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  1. The last 2 apps are worth the money.


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