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Axiom selling an iPhone from the future!

According to this brochure photographed by @MohdSaud, Axiom is selling the “iPhone 4G S”. Assuming that next year’s model is the iPhone 4G and the one after that is the iPhone 4GS, Axiom is selling an iPhone from 2012!

The “iPhone 4GS” features include: “iPhone OS”, 3.15MP camera, 3G and Google Maps.

As you noticed in the photo, the iPhone used was an iPhone 3G or 3GS, Google Maps has been in the iPhone since 2007 (Google Maps has been useless in Saudi Arabia as well) and the iPhone 4 has a 5MP camera.

This is not surprising from Axiom at all considering their history with the iPhone in Saudi Arabia. I am surprised that their UAE branch is an official partner with DU.

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  1. I can only laugh and then cry.

  2. راعيها سعودي

    It’s called IPHONE 4 not 4G or 4GS

  3. They are talking about the iPhone 3GS and my proof is the camera in the specs… iPhone 4’s camera is 5mp not 3.15 as written. Plus there is no news about a next generation of iPhone 4 so it’s just a designer’s mistake!!

  4. How can some who is doing business be that naive. Unbelievable!!!

  5. this is awesome,, i cant stop laughing.. :D,,
    but guys,, i have a friend there in U.S,, he was just wondering if sending an iPhone 4 through U.S postal would be a good idea ( btw he will send it to me and im ryt here in jeddah ) ???

    and anyone have any idea here receiving a package here through saudi postal or al bareed al mumtaz ???

    thx for the help guys

    • try ARAMEX …. they give u an address in U.S & ask your friend to send your iPhone to them
      i got my iPhone by 3 weeks

  6. hi fahad,where did u get you your iphone?from apple store?what are the shipping charges from usa to saudi arabia?


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