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Apple iPhone 4 from Mobily is officially unlocked

It’s worth saying it again. The iPhone 4 sold at Mobily showrooms is officially unlocked so you can use Micro-SIM cards from Saudi Telecom Company, Zain and other companies. I will just re-post the 3G post here with edits of course.

I have been receiving e-mails stating that Mobily employees are claiming that the iPhone 4 is locked to the Mobily SIM cards. Other employees claim that the next iPhone 4 shipments will be SIM locked. We and others tested the iPhone 4 and we confirmed that it is not locked to Mobily SIM cards. Apparently that was not enough. A friend that went to Mobily in Jeddah said that Mobily employees still insist that the iPhone 4 is locked to their network.

This page on the Apple support website clearly (and officially) states that the iPhone 4 sold in Saudi Arabia by Mobily is NOT LOCKED TO THE CARRIER. Same in the United Arab Emirates with Etisalat and du.


Feel free to print that table and present it to the Mobily employee who claimed that the iPhone 4 is locked to their network.

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  1. For post paid plans – it is a One year contract – and there will be a 1000 SAR exit fee if you cancels in between. May be they are trying convince people for not to churn out. ( experienced on my iPhone 3GS – even I was using STC multiple sim after a few months – still i’m waiting to complete 1 year on next month so that I can cancel my Mobily Post Paid Plan ).
    They documents says something same for prepaid also.. But it is unlocked of course – same phone is used on STC, ZAIN, Airtel,Aircel (India) etc.

  2. is this all about iPhone 4 or 3G ??

    i think the table is talkin about the 3G one not 4

  3. hi guys

    i wanna ask something because mobily sells iphone 4 32 gb 2550 riyals and 3000 riyals i dont know what the difference is but are they both unlocked or what?

    • they are the same but the difference is the 2550 is postpaid and the 3099 is prepaid

    • Ok do you know the price of iphone 3 g s 8gb and iphone 4 8gb and by the way if we are buying from mobily is it necessary to buy a new sim? cause i am having a post paid sim

  4. unlocked so they work in america right

  5. Is the iphone 4 bundle 299 and 399 available for new subscribers or for Raqi VIP customers only?

  6. @ Khalid (mainly)
    When getting the iPhone 4 from Mobily or now STC also, do they program the new style Micro SIM to your old number, and ask for your other SIM back, or give you new number?
    I have not seen any mention of the Micro SIM card on this site yet, but I will keep looking, thanks

  7. Also @ Khalid,
    Thanks for quick reply, I think I will investigate options due to the Facetime issue in KSA; does anyone sell iPhone 4 in Bahrain? Unlocked? 
    Regards, John

  8. hello guys, i am very interested to this new handset- iphone4 but i dunno where to get one. i asked some of the shops around and they told me that the device cost 3800+ SR (32gb), while in mobily they are selling it only for 3099 SR. am not sure even if the one you can get in mobily is unlocked version, please help, could anyone be kind enough to advice me which one should i take? and if you can telll me where i could buy a good one with low cost because i feel like shops around is taking advantage of it so they tag a price like that. thanks and more power to all.

  9. hi,

    just want to ask, if i buy IPHONE 4 to mobily is it unlocked to other sim cards? Cause i’m planning to buy here in Jeddah and i will use it in the Philippines, so technically i will other sim which is from the Philippines.

  10. i need to know if an iphone 4 prepaid plan is bought from mobily/stc can it immediately be used in India any other sim? pls help me out as exactly how..
    and is it same case if bought from jarir or some electronic store??

  11. I bought an iphone 4 16GB from Mobily. As soon as I got home I popped in an STC micro sim… It works! it is unlocked! 

    The celebration ended when I tried to make a call, the person on the other end can hear me but I can’t hear twat from my shiny new iphone 4! It works on speaker phone and wired head set only, the earpiece is dead quiet… useless.

    I brought the phone back to Mobily for service and they said its a manufacturing defect. They gave me a ticket number and an SMS that they will inform me when the replacement unit is available. Few days passed I called their help desk and the Mobily employee said that I should not follow up with the help desk, I should go back to the same branch who issued me the ticket. Is that how it works???

    Funny thing is, when I asked this help desk guy for the phone number of the Mobily branch who “issued” the ticket, he replied that he has no numbers of any Mobily branch! Well there you go, this telco really sucks on services….

    And isnt there a central system where they key in these ticket numbers? And these are not issued from their branches?

  12. the mobily employee are telling the truth!! i buy iphone 4 in jarir bookstore in jeddah that says official unlock version but i cannot use my stc micro sim!!only mobily!!


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