Daily Archives: September 6, 2010

Posts of August 2010

Continuing the monthly compilation of the monthly posts. Here are the posts of August 2010. Next month will be the 12th one, it’s been a year already, thank you so much for your support by visiting the site. Arabic version of this post on SaudiMac Arabic Edition. News and Features • An iPhone development company in Saudi Arabia. • Exclusive: ...

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iOS Developer Program instead of iPhone

Apple has announced on their developer website that the iPhone Developer Program will be renamed to iOS Developer Program. This was an expected move after Apple has renamed iPhone OS to iOS a few months ago since the OS is available on non-iPhone devices (iPad and iPod touch). iOS Developer Program still cost $99/year and you can “access the same ...

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Apple releases Xcode 4 developer preview 3

Apple has released the third developer preview of the upcoming Xcode 4 IDE. Xcode is the free development tools used to make Mac OS X and iOS applications. To download Xcode 4 developer preview 3 you will need a free Apple Developer account. You can also watch these free WWDC 2010 sessions. All information is considered “Apple Confidential Information”. Arabic ...

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