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You Scratched My Mac!

Personally I I have issues with people holding or even touching my Apple gadgets including my iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac.

The other day I got this email from a Mac user in Dubai, UAE who faced the wall of Apple resellers’ bureaucracy , I can relate to her frustration. What these resellers can’t fathom is that Mac users are very passionate about their gear, and such issues will never be resolved till resellers get that simple point one day.

So here is the email I got, I thought of sharing it without editing anything including the names of the stores (Saraf DG is Sharaf DG, but who cares, really!).


Dear Mazen

I do appreciate, here is the full version:

August 1: @9pm my husband bought MacBook Pro from Saraf DG [Ibn Batutta Mall Dubai]

August 2: my birthday, open present BUT i don’t open notebook [mistake]

August 3: all my friends left and i have time to break SEAL for first time since i got it. I discover a tiny scratch on the key board panel [paranoia sets in: i’m anal about scratches and too many hands handling a product: that is just me] and some “handling” marks. Nevertheless, it did not feel new! Please note: i did not open any other sealed parts [charger and cable]. I phone Saraf to speak with manager but are told to bring it in the next morning.

August 4: after another phone call to speak with manager, i get in my car and go to the store. I show him the tiny scratch, after which he take photo and assure me he will send it off to service centre for replacement and that they will get back to me on Sunday [August 8].

August 5: the more i think about it the more angry i get. I send email to ABM and Saraf DG service centre, complaining. ABM did not even acknowledge my mail and Saraf DG, well .. they’ll get back to me [they never did].

August 9: get in my car, no effort from Saraf whatsoever. Speak to a different manager. He assures me that they are waiting for a reply from Apple US and will do exchange as soon as they get the reply! We wait another hour, in which time they [Apple US] reply and say: the scratch is tiny, i must have done it and that they will not exchange. I’m devastated. Although they have a 7day exchange / refund policy: i took to long! Because the seal was not broken: i caused the scratch [how will one prove that a seal is broken if they don’t even believe you with a scratch]. I left very angry. When i got home i decided to mail Apple myself and express my disappointment. So i mailed the manager to forward Apple’s reply. He could not supply me with US contact person, so the reply never came from the US. And they only send my URGENT request on Thursday EVENING [8:22pm]!

So I’m not the proud owner of a MacBook Pro but of a MacScratch .. This is my Apple story in short. Thank you again for your support! I’m going to switch it on for the first time since i got it .. wish me luck!

Kind regards

Riana B R.

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  1. Why don’t you send this to Steve Job’s email sjobs@apple.com

  2. ABM suck, I did not have a good experience with them, and I wrote my story here (http://www.saudimac.com/2009/06/applecare-is-not-covered-in-saudi-arabia-uae/) in regards to fixing an 80GB iPod, Jeddah or UAE, ABM are not profesional.


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