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Two new Mobily iPhone apps: Ramadaniaty, iHasanaty

Mobily has released 2 new, Islamic themed, iOS apps.

Ramadaniaty provides a daily supplications “Azkar” and valuable information about important events that took place in the Holy Month of Ramadan. Beside Qur’anic verses and Prophetic sayings on fasting, the service sheds light on fatwas (religious rulings) related to fasting, pioneers in Islam, the fasting of other creatures, and a lot more of Ramadan treasures (from the App Store).

Ramadaniaty is a free app.

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The second app is iHasanaty is an Islamic culture quiz app.

From the App Store: Winner of divine rewards’ program is one of the best educational programs that enrich the Islamic culture and help increase the knowledge about Islamic history.

iHasanaty is also free.

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I noticed in these screenshots that the development of this app was done in Egypt, Mobinil is an Egyptian carrier.

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  1. i did not find ihasanaty app and azkar too 


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