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Samba Bank iPhone app is an official app

Important Update: Thank you @Sfwafa @iNaif_ @waleedalzuhair for sending me a screenshot that proves that the SambaMobile iPhone app is official. It is very weird that the Samba Bank call center employees did not know about the app. You can only see this page if you logged in though. Nothing on Samba’s public site about their iPhone app.

The Samba Financial Group, a bank in Saudi Arabia, has released their iPhone app last month. The app is called SambaMobile and it offers a range of services including mini-statements, transfer funds, pay utility bills using SADAD, pay credit card bills and IPO services.

To use the SambaMobile app you will need a SambaOnline account and have a Samba security-token device pictured here:

The app was first release July 27th 2010 and it is free.

Thanks Mohamed Ahmed for telling me about this app also thanks Khaled AlGasem and Abdulhafeeth Mahrous for sending pictures of the Samba security-token device.

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Dev Team Arabic contacted Samba Bank and the bank said they don’t have an iPhone app.

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  1. What’s security token?! I have Samba account for around 6 years never heard of it =S

  2. Abdulhafeeth Mahrous

    There is an update to the dev team page saying that the app is safe for Samba clients..

  3. to be honest , they just need SR 70 that to use app you have to have Samba security token . right now i’m using Bank of America app, it is free and easy not like samba everything u have to pay .
    it is useless ” Samba “

  4. i have a banking account with your bank, in september i went to bolivia and had to stay because i was, sick, pleas let me know how i can get my money transfered , i dont have igama amd forgot my cel number, but i was in tabuk, working with aec, living in alfal compound, i need my money soon because i need a operation..please write me back,, thank you


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