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Quran Reader HD for the iPad

Batoul Apps has released their Holy Quran app for the iPad. Quran Reader HD is now available on the iTunes App Store.

From Quran Reader HD’s website:

Quran Reader HD brings the beautiful Words of Allah to iPad – an exquisite app that allows you to interact with the Quran like never before as you read, listen to and study the Quran.

Verse-by-verse Recitation

Use the audio feature to listen to the beautiful recitation of Sheikh Abdelbasit Abdelsamad. If you’re interested in memorization you can set it to automatically repeat each verse as it goes or have it repeat the entire selection. You can choose a specific group of ayahs to play or listen to the end of the surah. Quran Reader will highlight each verse as you listen to the recitation, letting you follow along and improve your reading skills as you learn the proper pronunciation and recitation of the words of Allah.

Tafseer & Translation

Increase your knowledge by studying the translation and tafseer accompanying each verse. Simply tap and hold on a verse to access the menu where you can bring up the translation or the Tafseer to allow you to fully understand and appreciate a verse. Quran Reader HD offers English or French translations and Tafseer in English (Tafseer Al-Jalalayn) and Arabic (Tafseer Al-Moyassar).

Notes & Bookmarks

Connect with the power of the message by using the notes feature to record your thoughts about a verse. Each note you create will leave a small sticky in the margin allowing you to easily see where you placed your notes as you flip through the pages. You can also easily bookmark any page to save it for reading later or mark your progress as you read through the entire Quran.

Beautiful Interface

The intuitive interface is easy to use and lets you engage with the Quran. Turn the pages like a real book, and simply touch to drop the bookmark and save your place. Tap and hold on an ayah to highlight it and bring up the menu for that ayah where you can choose from a myriad of options. Quran Reader HD brings the amazing experience of the iPad to the Holy Quran.

Some screenshots:

The app is available at the app store for $6.99.

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