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Exclusive: Quadical announces Sibawayh for Arabic ebooks

Quadical held a special event a few days ago where they invited a group of authors, intellectuals and businessmen to introduce the company’s activities and sections. It was held at Teatro Lounge in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Quadical introduced “Sibawayh” electronic publishing house. Sibawayh will provide simple solutions for Arabic authors to publish their books in this digital age. Sibawayh will also provide methods to allow the readers to contact the author.

Sibawayh is the author’s partner in success so we protect the intellectual property of our authors”, said Mazaen Al-Angary head of Sibawayh ebooks section of Quadical, “we will prevent the theft even by prosecuting anyone who tries to steal those rights in court. All that to establish a new foundation in the Arab World.”

For more information visit Quadical’s website.

Sibawayh was one of the earliest and greatest grammarians of the Arabic language.

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