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Mobily announces official iPhone 4 release

Mobily has just announced that they will be selling the Apple iPhone 4 in Saudi Arabia within the coming months.

The price of the iPhone 4 will most likely be similar to previous generation iPhones from Mobily.

We broke the news last month that both STC and Mobily will be selling the iPhone 4.

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  1. A long overdue announcement.

  2. The price supposed to be as the 3GS. What about the releasing time of iPhone 4

  3. i hope the release will be soon..as soon as end week of august or first week of september..

  4. Breaking ??

    we all know that mobily will release the iPhone 4

    so what’s new ???

    • actually some other company is starting rumors that they are the exclusive iPhone 4 carrier (we all know who that is don’t we 😉 ? ). This is just reassuring and better to have something official instead of an undisclosed source

  5. When will be the launching?

  6. Man it is is time now i have waited long enough…

  7. We can’t wait more MONTHS!

  8. It is better to wait for few more months. Maybe they will have fixed the antenae issue.

  9. This isn’t breaking news if there’s no date for the release. Stoopid.

  10. I was going to buy iphone 4 unlocked from england when i got there, will the iphone 4 work here with mobily micro sim?

  11. Yes it will. A very selfish friend of mine bought only himself one in England and he was in Malaysia and now back in Saudi and it is working fine.

  12. Can anyone inform as to whether apple iphone4 support the third party softwares like SKYPE, ACTIONVOIP etc… Thanks and regards

  13. i just went to mobily last night to buy an iphone 3gs coz i can’t wait for the iphone 4 and i just found out that they didn’t have any stocks of the iphone 3gs..i need to make a reservation for them to order an iphone 3gs for me..i also asked when will the iphone 4 be coming and the man on the desk replied “it will be coming thi september”..i really hope it will be available this september..

  14. Can’t wait more!.. sold my 3G last month and it’s still like ‘within coming months’.. 🙁

  15. I sell iPhone 4 – 16 GBs for only 3600 saudi riyal (officialy unlocked)

    • ‘Only’ 3600SR? that’s awful! we’re gonna get it way cheaper from Mobily and STC.

    • where is your location? im from jubail. no problem if your in dammam or khobar. just SR3600? im interested to buy. thanks!

    • Are you offering the 32gb.. Cus I’ve been looking for one the past month, anyway I’m based in Jeddah , please let me know if you have a few left

  16. when we can buy the iphone 4 ( date ) ???

  17. I’m just paying SR 3500 for 32GB………………..

  18. It has arrived in Jarir Bookstore yesterday. Do check it out here (http://www.jarirbookstore.com/html/jarir_smartphones-iphone.asp). I’m gonna check its prices today. 🙂

  19. how much does the iphone 4 cost in jarir??

  20. They say it cost 5650 SR

  21. “I went to jarir yesterday and found the iPhone 4 on display. They said that they will get a shipment of iPhones in 3 days 32gb model is for 5400 and 16gb is for 4600. Should I buy it or wait??????”

    by abdul nasir

  22. they are ripping us the Apple lover off here in KSA

  23. they are taking advantage of us the Apple lover off here in KSA

  24. it’s too pricey in jarir..i hope mobily will release the iphone 4 soon coz i will be leaving ksa soon..i want to buy before i leave..

  25. Mobily and STC will sell it way cheaper than Jarir or Axiom.. have patience! 🙂

  26. http://www.Memaga.com is selling iphone 4 – 32gb for 5999Sar. I think we should wait for mobily, if they keep the price at about 2999 only, theyve overtaken the market then!!

  27. http://www.Memega.com is selling iphone 4 – 32gb for 5999Sar. I think we should wait for mobily, if they keep the price at about 2999 only, theyve overtaken the market then!!

  28. Bear in mind, Mobily and all other official carriers will not cap iPhone 4 supply at “two sets per customers”, as we have seen in rest of the world, thereby luring local shop-owners to buy as many sets as they can by offering a bit more price to Mobily.

    iPhone 3GS experience in Saudi Arabia tells us that almost all of the sets were brought by local mobile shop owners from Mobily and were then sold at the price they wished.

    After 1 year of official launch, I paid almost 3300 for 32GB iPhone 3gs. Every time I went to Mobily, I heard them saying that they’re out of stock.

  29. how we get ripped of here is not even funny anymore.

  30. I’ve ordered an iPhone 4 for me from UK. A friend of mine will bring it on 5th September. I paid £599. I’m happy with that.

  31. I’ve done the same and sure it is much safer and cheaper

  32. Am currently in the US will be back to Saudi in couple of days, Q: should I buy the iPhone 4 32GB unlocked with a price of 754$ (including tax) 599$ without tax? Will I face any problems with carriers and stuff?
    Or should I just buy back in Saudi?


    • It’s gonna be better if you buy it here.. but you have to actually wait for the official release via STC and Mobily. They’re gonna be way cheaper than those ‘$754’.. 🙂

  33. people it is still cheaper to buy it from london via apple store and have it delivered to your house.

  34. will get the final price today but they said 85pounds delivery plus 599$ so in total it is about SR 4000 and they ship it this afternoon…….Can’t wait anymore

    • Oh that’s great

      So it is cheaper to get it from the US then, since it will cost me around 2828SR

      Enjoy your new phone 🙂

    • Correction, it’s £599, not $599. In U.S dollars the official price of iPhone 4 unlocked with 32GB space would be around $945.

    • Oh no I was just in one of apple stores today, it’s 754$ without a plan and with tax. But of course they were out of stock

      But maybe ur right I’ll check again tomorrow 🙂

    • OOPS sorry yes it is in £ not $ 

    • Maria, make sure to buy more than one set if you’re having them there at cheap price. You can very well sell rest of the sets here in Saudi at higher price to recuperate the amount of set you paid 😉

  35. I don’t think in U.S one can have unlocked iPhone. At $599, impossible. If you’re planing to land in Saudi Arabia, the best way is to get an iPhone 4 from any country that is offering unlocked versions and have it used here.

    • You are right. I live in the US and you must begin or continue a contract with AT&T, the only current iPhone provider in the US. It is stated on the Apple website. A word of advice: if you do purchase an iPhone from the US and have it unlocked and/ or jailbroken, this supposedly leaves the phone void of warranty.
      They were supposed to open up the market to another provider, but that has yet to happen.

  36. Hey, Im gonna be visiting jeddah soon, Had a couple of questions, Are iPhones from Mobily and STC sold unlocked? (officially)  or are they locked to stc/mobily? And a tentative price of 16GB iPhone 4 should be around 3200 SR? am i correct?

    And finally the million dollor question, WHEN IS IT RELEASING??

  37. im interested to buy an iphone 4 16gb. im willing to pay 3500-3800 SR only. dammam, jubail or khobar. thanks! here is my email add. immortalsam2001@yahoo.com

  38. when will the iphone 4 be released by mobily?

  39. AA, i am planning to get iphone 4 unlocked from canada through some relative but i heard that its not working in saudi.if someone is already tested.please confirm with thanks.i want to remove any doubts.

  40. Is it possible that the iPhone will work in the US? Is there a proper warranty that will cover replacement if possible?

  41. I apologize if my comment weren’t clear; what I meant to ask was will the phone still get good reception whilst in the US…any feedback- especially personal experience- are greatly appreciated.


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