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Jarir Bookstore selling overpriced iPhone 4

Jarir “Bookstore” has announced the availablity of the iPhone 4 in their showrooms at limited quantities. It comes with a free car charger that you have to ask for.

Jarir did not include prices so I had to go and see it with my own eyes.

Jarir iPhone 4 prices

The prices are 5,499SR for iPhone 4 with 32GB storage and 4,599SR for the 16GB one! The unit is from the UK based on the box size and charger. We reported that the price of the 32GB iPhone 4 from Apple is less than 3,500SR! Save yourself 2,000SR and do not buy it from Jarir. Either buy it directly from Apple in the UK and ship using Aramex or wait for the official release from Mobily as their price will not be higher than 3,000SR!

I warned about Jarir before, I do not recommend buying the iPhone from them.

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  1. That is insane. Total madness. 

  2. I knew it’s just too pricy.. even the one we order from UK will cost about 4000SR.. that’s just way expensive than what Mobily and STC’s gonna sell.. fingers crossed! 🙂

  3. First of all Thank you for the the News,

    I know that the Jarir Book Store is a Killer & when ever I see their Special offers on Apple products the price is all wise high/up. As you mentioned on this post, it’s batter to buy it from UK.

  4. if you wait a couple of weeks it will get alot cheaper and so what if its expensive i know that its to much but still be positive

  5. Dats too costly even memega are selling at da rate 5999 SAR/- for 32gb dats even higher den jarir god bless Saudi Arabia’s grey market here,s da link


  6. Jarir are insane … taking advantages from crazy people … this is too costly …

  7. Still waiting for Mobily 🙁

  8. i hope their store get roped big time 

  9. i hope mobily release the new iphone 4 soon..i want to buy coz i will be leaving ksa soon..

  10. if jarir is selling it expensive then its because of you guys with deep pockets who dont have anything to do with their money and end up being the cause of such high prices in Saudi Arabia. You have no one except yourself to blame…

  11. the problem now is that everyone is waiting for Mobily & STC’s release. I’m afraid there wont be enough iPhones. And you’ll have to wait AGAIN!!!

  12. jarir is not fair with the price.. people here in saudi should not patronize that kind of marketing strategy.. they take advantage of the situation, since iphone 4 is not yet available in market..

  13. wow… let’ s wait for Mobily to get it then! too pricy.  like “WOAH”

  14. Today I went to Tokyo games they are also selling iPhone 4 @ 5499/- SAR WTF

  15. When is mobily getting the iphone 4??
    Will the iphone 4 from mobily going to be the same price as jarir???

  16. I went to Jarir last night and found iPhone 4 at tagged price SR5499. They guy was boosting about selling so many sets at this price mentioning the huge demand.

    I doubt, we’d be able to have iPhone4 at lower price from Mobily and STC even after official release. Behind the curtains, local mobile-shop owners will just buy as many as they can to keep the prices high.

  17. The ‘good’ news here is that they’re bundling the iphone 4 with Apple’s bumpers. Maybe this is what’s causing the delay. Not enough bumpers to be shipped with the iphones headed to Mobily!

  18. The ‘good’ news here is that they’re bundling the iphone 4 with Apple’s bumper. Maybe this is what’s causing the delay. Not enough bumpers to be shipped with the iphones headed to Mobily!

    • hi are you sure about this cause if you are that eans i could but aniphone 4 from mobily right now without getting a bumper

  19. Jarir replaces your iPhone with a new one under Jarir warranty

    • and when something wrong happen to your iphone ,  they will tell your it\s not included under the warranty

      with a big smile on their face……… 

  20. iPhone 4 is here in stc. but its also overpriced the 16 gb is 4200SR!!!

  21. relax everyone, if other stores are selling iphone 4 at a high price, then let the ones with more money buy them. we will wait for mobily, by then the rich ones must have bought it from the other stores, so we wont have to struggle or wait too much.

  22. Brand new 16GB iPhone 4 for sr3500
    locked to AT&T. We all know how to unlock it now.
    even if its factory unlocked, u still need a jailbreak!
    email me if u want it (Riyadh)

  23. I usually purchase items in US & UK and send it to my Aramex account. I want to purchase a 32GB in UK for £ 599 (3 500 SAR) and send it here in Jeddah. Did anyone tried it already? Please let me know before i risk it. =)

  24. buying iPhone with that price is madnessUnfortunately, there are many people who do not see the true picture of manipulation of the shops.All this because they want to get it quickly. And not interested in what effect this ugly movement.

    When Stupidity will end????????
    Does Abu Jahl still lives in our blood????????

  25. hey , i live in Riyadh and im after a 32 Gb Iphone 4 and im not paying that much for one when it’s selling for 300$ in US :S

    my uncle is going there soon , and i was wondering if i can ask him to get me one and then unlock it here .. is that possible ?? thanks in advance for your help 🙂

  26. The matter’s that people wana buy iphone 4 as soon as possible so when Jarir announced, they should sell them by overpriced because no one sells iphone 4 before them in Saudi Arabia. guys u should wait , hold on until the price decreases.

  27. AA, i am planning to get iphone 4 unlocked from canada through some relative but i heard that its not working in saudi.if someone is already tried & tested.please confirm with thanks.

    • If the iPhone 4 from Canada was purchased from Apple store as an unlocked phone then there should be no problem using it in Saudia. Make sure iPhone 4 was purchased as “buy out right” with full price in Canada directly from Apple store and is not locked with any carrier (Rogers, Fido, bell or Telus).

      Thank you,

  28. m willing to sell my iphone4 16gig (at&T unlocked), slightly used, with original box and all the accessories for 3400riyals,

    contact me at mohammadsm83@gmail.com, if interested


  29. Guyz,

    I can arrange Brand New iPhone 4 Factory Unlocked in Jeddah for 3400. If interested email me at PreludeSH@gmail.com

    Thank you, 

  30. UK Apple Stores sell contract-free iPhones which make these stores a lucrative target for brokers who buy the iPhones for £499 (SR2930) and £599 (SR3509) and sell them for vastly inflated profits to customers in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia where the iPhone is not yet on sale.

    Point made.

  31. Hey, I bought my iPhone with Aramex from Apple UK, but I found a fault in it, it makes a buzzing noise when in the earpiece when I make a call. I tried restoring and swaping sims but didn’t work. Can I get it exchanged from Jarir since its still unber warranty and is registered with Applecare till 2012?

  32. sure jarir is robbing us of prices.laptaps too which is even cheaper at arabic computer systems

  33. I think you guys are not being fair.Prices of the IPhone is the same everywhrere in Saudi Arabia.
    Mobily is advertising low prices but try to get one if you can.(if you are non SAUDI) its impossible.LAw of supply and demand states that prices go up when availabilty is low and demand is high.Cost of the iphone is high thus the selling price is also high.Anyway who are we to tell people whether to buy or not.Prices are clearly indicated in the display.to buy or not to buy if the buyers choice not ours……..

  34. it’s too late to say something bwahaha


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