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New Jailbreak for the iPhone and iPad

JailbreakMe.com has been reopened and now it offers an easy jailbreak for iPhone and iPad devices. Just visit the website and slide to start the jailbreak process, no computers needed. We take no responsibilities for the jailbreak.

This Jailbreak relies on a security vulnerability in Mobile Safari on iOS and we expect Apple to patch this in an update.

The devices (and the iOS) that support this Jailbreak method are:

• iPod 1st gen on 3.1.2
• iPod 1st gen on 3.1.3
• iPod 2nd gen on 3.1.2
• iPod 2nd gen on 3.1.3
• iPod 2nd gen on 4.0
• iPod 3rd gen on 3.1.2
• iPod 3rd gen on 3.1.3
• iPod 3rd gen on 4.0
• iPad on 3.2
• iPad on 3.2.1
• iPhone 3G on 3.1.2
• iPhone 3G on 3.1.3
• iPhone 3G on 4.0
• iPhone 3G on 4.0.1
• iPhone 3GS on 3.1.2
• iPhone 3GS on 3.1.3
• iPhone 3GS on 4.0
• iPhone 3GS on 4.0.1
• iPhone 4 on 4.0
• iPhone 4 on 4.0.1

The website address is: JailbreakMe.com.

Via: The Loop.

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  1. People on spirit jailbreak can now upgrade to iOS 4 …
    And enjoy the new features ; )

    Jailbreak is now officially legal by the way.

  2. GR88888,, anybody can JB easily, & FREE and Hassle-Free … no need to goto Murs*** Mobile Market… and pay SR…SR….SR….

  3. What a great news… i’ll jailbreak my 3Gs anytime soon.

    Long live SAUDIMAC!

  4. But will that make the iPhone SIM-free?

  5. I am not able to set MMS and facetime setting on iPhone4, I am using jailbreakme tool.
    Can anyone help ?


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